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Pollution Can Cripple NCR Economy, Tourism to be Hit: Ascham


New Delhi: The post is alarming with the pollution of Diwali which is likely to toll take in the whole National Capital region ( NCR ) which also cripples sectors like real estate, automobile, tourism transport as per reports.

It is difficult to figure the economic loss in hazardous situations to the exact period of time in the dangerous levels of pollutants which were depending upon the weather which faced many conditions with the measures of administrative and it was undoubtedly the investment of billion dollars and the loss of GDP occurred, according to the Assocham secretary general DS Rawat.

It leads the confidence loss in the citizens declared by Rawat. The chamber industry was in the terms in immediate basis which were the season fo tourism to hit the NCR and Delhi pollution to make it global and the headlines were created as an impression to visitors which were avoiding such places.

Foreign tourists were having a large number of Golden triangle in Delhi Agra Jaipur. Feedback was given to the operators and the hoteliers which were pointing clearly to the deep concern for the impact at negative pollutants to cause in the economy.

The steps were urgently on the scale of emergency which were taken with the impact of economy to arise the issues of health to catastrophe NCR and it was an important pillar in the national economy. This is a wakeup call for the regions of Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and it was reported by Rawat.

The analysis shows that Assocham was requesting the global tours with the operators to align the international tourists in the itinerary with the Golden Triangle.

These tourists divide the period in between Rajasthan, Agra and Delhi which enquires about the visitors to avoid Delhi in exception of the touch down to the options of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in the capital of national which was pointed out by Chamber.

The transportation and tourism takes a bit of investment with the tourists who suffer a strong criticism. This is the key to all the contributions which are the economy of national services. The tourism and transportation is employed highly with the jobs and highly employment jobs to casualty with the pollution in the paper note of Assocham.

The impact is maximum felt by the economy of Delhi which has a Gross State Domestic Product ( GSDP ) and they have a net worth of about 5, 58, 745 crore according to the current price. The country is growing fast in its economy and they take it for granted.

The chamber suggests about the set which is holistic measure for the long term and short term pollution tackle in this NCR. They remain with pollution to handle all the states in neighboring states like Rajasthan, Punjab, UP and Haryana. It also has an intervention at the center.