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Putin and Trump ‘will seek to fix relations, Kremlin states.

Putin and Trump

Donald Trump, US President-elect and Vladimir Putin President of Russia will attempt to “normalize ties of US-Russia “, the Kremlin has stated, after a phone talk among the two.

Mr. Putin congratulated Mr. Trump on “success in applying the election program”.

Mr. Trump, who had admired Mr. Putin in the campaign of election, stated he wished for a “long-term relationship with Russia”.

In the meantime, President Barack Obama stated Mr. Trump had said to him he will continue “committed to a powerful NATO”.

The Kremlin disclosed Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump had talked about Syria and decided that existing US-Russian relationships were “extremely unacceptable”.

They in addition talked regarding the reality that 2017 completed 210 years from the time when the establishment of political relations among the nations “which in itself ought to encourage a return to realistic, mutually valuable co-operation”.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin had decided to stay connected by phone and organize to get together in person at an afterward date, the Kremlin added up.

It was not made clear by the Kremlin that who had made the telephone call.

But office of Mr. Trump stated the Kremlin made the call and problems like common threats, challenges and tactical economic relationships, were talked about.

It stated: “President-elect Donald Trump distinguished to President Vladimir Putin that he is immensely looking onward to comprising an enduring and strong affiliation by means of Russia and the nation of Russia.”

Mr. Trump’s selection has witnessed a transform in attitude as of Russia towards US, by way of state TV channels swiftly switching from assertions of electoral scam to hailing triumph the “man of the people”.

The Steve Rosenberg of BBC in Moscow states that Russia sees new president of America as a practical person, a impetuous businessman with which they can carry out business.