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Rihanna plastic surgery: One of the best plastic surgeries in world

Rihanna plastic surgery

With augments of regular speech and voice, art of producing musical sounds is art of singing. There are some singers in world who sung with their eyes, means besides singing there was something in their personality which captured hearts of many people. In category of those amazing singers, Rihanna is one of those singers who made their worth not only by singing but also with their enchanting personality. Born in year 1988, on 20th February, Rihanna is not only a famous singer but also an actress and song writer. “Good girl gone Bad” was her album which made her to reach at top of success. With reinventing her music she made her to introduce to world as “Sex symbol”. As we mentioned she is known to world as sex symbol, news of Rihanna boob job also revolved in media because of her exotic looks and change in size of her breasts. Worldwide her 230 million records have been sold up-till and she is on top position in list of “best-selling artists” of all time.

According to list of 2010, top hot 100 artists of decade she was at top in that list. She has been awarded with 12 “American Music Awards”, 12 “Billboard music Awards”, 8 “Grammy Awards” and “Inaugural icon award”. Out of 100 “most influential people in the world” she has prominent position. Rihanna’s hit are so enormous that if we start to mention that we could not focus on her adaptation of plastic surgery procedures. Details of her adaptation of plastic surgery procedures are as follows:

Rihanna “Breasts implants”

Rihanna plastic surgery

From past and current images of Rihanna it has been speculated that Rihanna Boob job is true to some extent. She used to have small and normal breasts but suddenly she started seeming in her exotic looks with C cup size shape breasts. Sexy Rihanna tits refer to her adaptation of breast augmentation. 2 cups greater change in breast size point towards her adaptation of breasts implants. As she has slim body figure then this large C cup size shape breasts does not suit her. Some people have views over these enlarged breasts that it might be due to push-up bra or make-up technologies. But experts claims that having these large breasts size with slim body figure is only possible after adapting breast implants procedures.

Rihanna “Nose Job”

Rihanna plastic surgery

Rihanna when made her debut as singer used to look different as compared to her present looks. Most noticeable change has occurred in shape of her nose. She used to have the bulbous nose but now her wide nostrils seem in smaller shape. People comment on this change that Rihanna has adapted nose job. Her nose bridges now look in sharp shape. She used to have flat nose but now she look more appealing in sharp nose. Almost 10 plastic surgeons have confirmed her adaptation of nose job. Rihanna was born beautiful and looked cute in her bulbous nose in past but now she looks seductive and appealing in her sharp nose shape.

Celebrities wear eccentric make-up and this is the reason they look different in different events. This might be possible that Rihanna now look change due to these make-up techniques. But plastic surgeon refers this change to adaptation of plastic surgery procedures. These were all the reviews of plastic surgeons that she went under the knife for nose job and breasts implants. Let us know what you guys think about her adaptation of plastic surgery procedures to get rid of flaws of her body.

Rihanna you look great in your every get-up!