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Russia rejects accountability for assault on convoy of Syria aid.

Russia rejects accountability for assault on convoy of Syria aid.

The government of Russia refused that its forces or that of Bashar Assad, President of Syria were accountable for an assault on a convoy of aid close to Aleppo that took life of numerous workers of humanitarian.

“Syrian and Russian warplanes did not perform any airstrikes on a aid convoy of UN humanitarian in Aleppo’s southwest,” spokesman of Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov stated in a report. “The convoy of aid reached successfully at destination. The Russians did not observe the convoy, subsequent to this and its actions were merely identified by the radicals who were in power of the area.”

The special envoy of U.N. to Syrian peace, Staffan de Mistura, stated Assad’s command was at the back of the hit, which took life of above a dozen people, a few of them were drivers of delivery truck. Those feelings were boomed by officials of U.S., comprising John F. Kerry, Secretary of State.

Defense ministry of Russia, really, seemed to propose that the convoy was not been assaulted in any way.

“Video footage shows that the convoy grabbed fire, which oddly happened approximately at precisely at the similar time as radicals initiated a significant offensive on Aleppo,” Konashenkov stated.

A number of truckloads of goods, comprising huge reserves of food, were stalled at the border of Turkey for days, subsequent to the truce was applied on Sept. 12. The convoy hit came 2 days subsequent to a Syrian forces march was struck by alliance airstrikes which gave to Syria to abandon that cease-fire.

18 trucks in the group of 31, supported by the Arab Red Crescent of Syria and carrying sufficient wheat, clothes and medical goods to the overwhelmed metropolis of Aleppo to supply 78,000 citizens, were shattered, the United Nations stated.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory intended for Human Rights stated the hits were carried out by any Russian or Syrian aircraft; Russia is an ally of Syrian pro-government in the battle in opposition to the Islamic State and a variety of insurgent groups. SOHR further added 12 people were murdered in the hits, comprising Omar Barakat, director of SARC’s Um-al-Kubra.