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Samsung stopped the sales of Galaxy Note 7 after Explosions of Battery


Samsung is stopping Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones sales subsequent to a number of the batteries burst.

Some consumers informed their Note 7 seized fire or exploded at the time of charging the phone, and Samsung stated it had established 35 similar cases, originated by defective batteries.

Since late previous month, quite a lot of clients have posted videos and pictures on social media presenting the burnt Note 7 among fraction of its 5.7’ touch screen scorched and melted afterwards, stating it abruptly caught fire.

Koh Dong-jin, the president of mobile business firm, stated an inquiry by the corporation discovered a battery cell prepared by 1 of its 2 suppliers of battery originated the handset to hold fire.

He declined to present the supplier of battery name.

He stated: “We have established quite a lot of news of battery blast on Note 7 that was publicly released on August 19, and it is formerly verified that it was a cell problem of battery.

“It will charge us a lot it creates pain in my heart. But, the motive we made this verdict is for the reason that what is most vital is safety of customer.”

He additional said he was “deeply sorry” on the occurrence and consumers who previously purchased Note 7 might be capable to exchange them for latest Smartphones, despite of the date of purchase.


The South Korean corporation stated in a report it would require approx 2 weeks to set up substitute devices.

A report from Samsung UK said: “We are at present carrying out a systematic examination with our dealers to recognize possible influenced batteries in the marketplace.

“However, as our customers’ security is an absolute main concern, we have closed sales of Galaxy Note 7.

“For customers of UK who previously contain Galaxy Note 7 devices, we will willingly swap their existing device with a fresh one in the coming weeks.”

The declaration comes merely 2 weeks following Samsung released its most recent flagship Smartphone.

The company stated it had sold over 1 million Smartphones of Note 7 in 10 nations so far comprising the US and South Korea.

It has created approx 2.5 million Note 7 Smartphones up to now, a number of them are still in supply.

The scheduled launch of the Note 7 in numerous European nations has at the present been postponed over rising safety worries.

Samsung has stated that China is not influenced by the sales deferment, for the reason that it had a battery created by a different supplier intended for the Note 7 sold there.

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For #Samsung to put user safety and satisfaction over profit margins is commendable.

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.@SamsungMobileUS stops shipments of ‘exploding’ #GalaxyNote7 phones

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‘@Samsung president confirms battery of #GalaxyNote7 is behind the glitch and is recalling device fm global markets