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Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery procedures

Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery procedures

Sarah Jessica Parker is a famous designer, actress and producer of American film industry. She was born in 1965, on 25th march. Her childhood life was different from normal children. Being sibling of 8, she faced many difficulties in her childhood. At age of 11 years she started working as an actor and supported her family. Her parents divorced when she was a child. In relative poverty she spends her childhood.

Sarah is known by name of Carrie Bradshaw in “HBO” TV series, “Sex and the city”. She is so much talented as an actor that she has been awarded with four Golden Globe Awards. She also received three awards of Screen Actors Guild Awards. She was only 11 years old when she made her debut in acting in series, “The Innocent”. After this start from 1976 to up-till now she has worked in number of TV series and movies and made her worth as a reputed actress in Hollywood.

This Hollywood actress has no doubt successful career in Hollywood but recently this celebrity is in news due to some other reasons. And this reason is Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery. From her past and current images this can be clearly seen that this celebrity has went under the knife for her beauty concerns. In this article we are going to reveal Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery procedures. These cosmetic procedures are evaluated by watching her images. Her fans who followed her a lot shared their reviews regarding her images. Some plastic surgery experts gave their views on her images. Well! How much celebrities try to hide their plastic surgeries but experts and people are now sharp enough to find out which celebrity went under knife to be more beautiful.

Sarah Jessica Parker has gone through these plastic surgery procedures:

  • Nose Job
  • Botox injections
  • Breast augmentation
  • Hands plastic surgery
  • Rhinoplasty

Her past and current images are a visible proof of above mentioned plastic surgeries. But this celebrity has denied that all these facts are baseless. Even she got angry when she heard this type of news. She declared all this things rumors.

In Film industry it has now become a common thing for celebrities to change their personality or to give a new and fresh look to them. They go under the knife to achieve their beauty desires. Some of them openly admit that yes! They had plastic surgeries but there are also celebrities like Sarah who deny this. They even become angry when media starts or highlight their plastic surgery procedures.

Sarah Jessica Parker “Nose Job”

Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery procedures

From past and current images analysis it has been found that this celebrity did nose job. Her nose now looks slimmer with sharp ends. Her nose bridge has now become thinner and her small now looks comparatively smaller than her past images. Well whatever images show us now, this celebrity deny that she had nose Job. But transformations related to her nose can be clearly seen in her current images.

Sarah Jessica Parker “Botox”

Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery procedures

Like other celebrities to look young in age of 51 years, this celebrity did Botox to look young. But in her new frozen face images she does not look stunning as she used to look in her past images. Well! With Botox she got the flawless face but there is something un-natural in her looks now. Everything is cool about Botox except her forehead. Now her forehead looks like porcelain after Botox treatment. Botox is a procedure which many celebrities of Hollywood have adapted and now they look young.

Sarah Jessica Parker “breast augmentation”

Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery procedures

Sarah Jessica now looks different and completely in cool shape because of her breast augmentation. Her breast now looks great in new firm shape. They now look larger in size as compared to past images of Sarah Jessica. She also has reduced her weight and with this up-size breast she looks great in her new perfect body figure.

Sarah Jessica Parkerhands plastic surgery

Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery procedures

Recently in news one thing was highlighted that Sarah Jessica did plastic surgery to her hands. Media even called her hands “witch hands”. Sarah’s reaction to this news was completely shocking. She mentioned that her hands are like this because she inherited her hands from her mother. She denied that she went for plastic surgery of her hands.

Sarah Jessica adaptation of cosmetic procedures

Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery procedures

From past and current images of Sarah Jessica Parker, it is obvious that she adapted cosmetic procedures to look young at age of 51 years. Everyone has the desire to look beautiful and celebrities are even doing plastic surgeries to win in this race of being beautiful than others.

Sarah adapted rhinoplasties and in her images, this thing is obvious. Well! On comments on her images Sarah denied that she did not go under the knife. She claimed that all these things are rumors.

Above mentioned content is gathered from people’s view and from information provided by images of Sarah. Let us know about your point of view about Sarah Jessica plastic surgery after seeing her past and current images.