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Saudi King Could be Killed by his Son, Says Shadowy Iranian General

Saudi King Could be Killed by his Son, Says Shadowy Iranian General

Washington: All the wars in the world in between Saudi Arabia and regional nemeses Iran takes a curious and outrageous turn.

Most of the Tehran fire was conducted with the military conduct and the live fire exercises of naval were in the Persian Gulf to border about two major countries and with the Hormuz Strait.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard naval forces gave a statement about the war game which was mainly created with a tension and the Persian Gulf destabilization and the vessels of Saudi were against the stray of territorial Iranian waters.

The counter of Saudis was the operation which is famous as Gulf Shield One. It was aimed to improve the protection and readiness of combat in the marine interests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the aggression which is possible in it. The rivals of Middle East were with subtext to be clear.

Qassem Soleimani is a senior Guard general of Revolution who waded in the rhetorical battle. Soleimani is the commander shadowy of the Quds force. Iran is the paramilitary unit which engages in the proxy wars in other places.

At the ceremony of Mourn on Wednesday for the officer of Iran who was killed in Syria at the Iranian and Saudi proxies on the opposite ends of the conflict. The reports of Suleiman singled out with the Deputy Crown of Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman and came out to be the youthful ambitious person. He was the king Salman Bin Abdul – Aziz and assumed in the apparent heir.

The claim of Suleiman showed the prince about the impatience which killed the king and suggested about the backing up of Saudi rebels in the factions of Syria and undermined with influence of Iran. The regime of Syria in the Bashar Al – Assad is a longstanding ally of Tehran.

The evidence does not suggest about the provocative allegation which seemed to be true and Muhammad Bin Salman ascension was surrounded by the great place of deal to intrigue which includes the protestations by grumbling of royals to get angry with the skipping of prince in the succession lines.

The tensions among the leading Sunni and Shia powers of Middle East deepen the young rise of Prince with the suggestion of experts to champion in the aggressive policy of the Iran.

The diplomacies tied with quite early stage this year after the protests of Iran who attacked the offices of Saudi in that country and followed the execution of January with the leadership of cleric Shia in Saudi Arabia. The pilgrims of Iran were officially barred with the Saudi Arabia and they attended the recent pilgrimage of annual meeting in Mecca. It was leading to the religious figures on the both sides and they accused them of the Islam betrayal.

The foreign ministry of Iran is published with the op – ed in the New York Times which singled out the Saudi Arabia as an incubator of the ideologies which were different in the fundamental ideologies of terrorist group of Sunni like the Islamic state and Al Qaeda.

The Saudis were combating with the proxies of Iranian protest to range with the conflict in this region to lead this protracted involvement in the 19 month disaster for the old war of Yemen. these Iranis accused the fermenting trouble of the Riyadh hand which was behind the resumption of the insurgency of Kurdish in the northwest of Iran.