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Sectarian Fighters Mass For Battle To Capture East Aleppo

Sectarian Fighters Mass For Battle To Capture East Aleppo

The bombardment of air is intense in the war which has rained down in the opposition and it was held in east Aleppo in this week. It has an army of 6, 000 fighters of pro – government which have gathered in this outskirts of what they plan and the imminent way of decisions in advance.

The periods of attack were about hundred in the troops of Syria which are eyed with the city at distant fixed positions and they are seized with rebels of Syria in the mid – 2012.

The number of foreign fighters was great in number which played a defined role in that battle and took a lead stake to emerge from the ruins.

The showdown came for Aleppo and the culmination plans were made very far from the Damascus warrooms. The Islamic fighters of Shia converged in different areas of the world which are Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq. It prepared for the clash which seemed a pre – ordained holy war and it determined the region future.

The senior leader Bashar al – Assad and the regime was insisted by the forces which were very much capable of the battle shape in Aleppo. It was confronted by the fight in the nationalist lines. The battle is now imminent with the remnants of Assad Army which relegates the supporting role.

On the accounts of social media and the leaders in the interview were the groups of Syria which spoke about the sectarian strident and the looming battle. It filled the part of some kind of struggle and to orientate the power in Lebanon and Iraq.

The commanders gather in the Aleppo which also includes battle hardened devotees in the supreme leader of Iran. Some experience of fight in Iraq must be against the troops of Sunni and US militants which includes the Islamic State.

The most prominent leaders are Akram al – Kaabi in the Iraqi militia and they arrived just last weekend. They are also surrounded by the Shia iconography in the town near Aleppo. The willingness is praised to fight for home and the army is described as the defending of Shia faith from the usurpers.

Syria is in the axis of resistance and they fight in all over the world. The farthest point in this world is the pace where we go.

Fighters say in a speech to film and share on the social media according to the al – Kaabi. Jihad is conducted inside and outside of the Iraq.

The centuries are invoked in between Shias and Sunnis where the opponents of Assad are compared in Aleppo to figure out the founding days of the Islam and killed Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)’ s son in law in Karbala battle in 680 AD.

Muawiyah and Yazid are the monsters whom we are facing and they are the grandsons of the massacres of Karbala and they are repeated here today.

Yazid and Muawiya are hated still by the Shia and they do all the attempts to capture the Islamic Caliphate. The fighters fall for the Hezbollah of Lebanon and the groups of Iraq fight for it. All the Sunni communities are in the recent centuries which claim the opposition to this area.

The attacks on the residency of East Aleppo flies the fight in the city in the earlier stages and this battle is fought in the sectarian lines to the people who comes next in it. The civilization is destroyed in this case.