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Tennis Star Serena Williams Plastic surgery procedures

Serena Williams Plastic surgery

If we talk about number one female tennis player then there is no other than Serena Williams. “WTA” (Women’s tennis Association) has ranked this tennis star on number one position from years 2002 to 2017. In year 2002 she became the number one tennis player and she got this ranking for eight times till 2017. Now in this year 2017, on 24th April she again has chosen as the number one tennis player all over the world. Among female tennis players she has the highest record of being number one for 317 weeks. All over the world all the  commenters, sports lovers and sports writers always nominates her on number one position in list of greatest female tennis players.

Not only Serena Williams, her sister is also one of the top tennis stars in the world. Venus Williams and Serena Williams believe in playing tough tennis and both of the sisters has given the tough time to other tennis players in game.

Serena Williams is not only famous for her sports capabilities but also for his fashion sense. She loves to wear high heels with attractive outfits. Because of her changing looks people think that she might have gone under the knife to make herself more attractive. To play tennis you have to be muscular and this celebrity by being muscular also maintained a level of attraction of feminism. In this article we are going to provide information about Serena Williams’s plastic surgery. One thing which was noticed by Serna fans recently is that she went under the knife for butt augmentation. Serena Williams butt augmentation is a hot topic nowadays. Following content is about Serena Williams’s plastic surgery procedures adaptation.

Serena Williams “Breast augmentation”

Serena Williams Plastic surgery

In recent images of Serena Williams she looked sexier than she was before. This is because of her new change in her body figure. Her boobs which were small now look enhanced. This thing shows that she has chosen breast augmentation for her new sexy body figure. Well! Breast augmentation has made this tennis celebrity as sexy as any Hollywood celebrity looks like.

Serena Williams “Rhinoplasty”

Serena Williams Plastic surgery

Black people are known by their wide nose. but if you look at this tennis celebrity she has now the pinched nose tip as compared to nose tip she had in past. Her nostrils now does not look wide as they used to look in past. Her nose shape is now well-defined. It seems that she has chosen an expert for her rhinoplasty as her nose now look in good shape. Her nose line is now thinner as compared to her past nose line. She is expert in doing anything. In tennis she is a queen and in matter of plastic surgery she has chosen everything with caution. Besides Serena Williams’s plastic surgery, everyone talks about her natural attraction.

Serena Williams “tattoos”

Serena Williams Plastic surgery

It is hard to see but yes! This celebrity seemed with tattoos on neck and on back. To achieve this cool attraction, Serena Williams has again chosen the way to go under the knife for attraction concerns. It seems that Serena is crazy about adapting new things to make her unique and attractive.

Serena Williams “Butt augmentation”

Serena Williams Plastic surgery

If we compare Serena Williams past and current images then one thing is most obvious and that is her butt augmentation and breast augmentation. Serena Williams butt augmentation is so obvious that it has now become a hot topic for everyone. In past her back was not as enhanced as now it looks. Her butt now looks so much enhanced. This thing has made this tennis star one of the sexiest ladies in the world. It looks like that her butt has now become double as compared to her past images.

Whatever she did is no doubt is up-to mark. This thing has made her fans crazier for her. Serena Williams always denied that she did not choose any way to go under the knife for beauty concerns. Some fan followers of Serena Williams also believe that may be her rhinoplasty is not true and all this may be because of her expensive make-up. Nowadays make-up can do everything.

But from past and current images her tattoos, breast augmentation and butt augmentation are obvious. Above mentioned content was gathered after people reviews and plastic surgeons expert’s reviews. Let us know about what you guys think about Serena Williams’s plastic surgery.