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Shah Rukh Khan replies to the statement of chaiwala ‘I look like SRK’.

Shah Rukh Khan replies to the statement of chaiwala

A blue-eyed chaiwala of Islamabad turned out to be a global sensation overnight later than his photo gone viral and at the present, Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood has in addition noticed him.

When images of Arshad Khan became viral on social media platforms, several TV channels called him and interviewed him and in an interview, he was questioned that which celebrity star he considers he resembles, and the ‘chaiwala’ had beautifully replied, “Shah Rukh Khan”.

Shah Rukh Khan noticed his answer and admired on Twitter the simplicity and innocence of Arshad. “How sweet is this. Beauty lies in simplicity,” Shah Rukh Khan tweeted.

The 18 years of age chaiwala turned out be a sensation in one night after an Instagram photo of him from a photographer, while he was doing his work at a tea stall was shared and re-shared thousand times. Following his recognition, he in addition made a contract of modeling. Khan told that for the previous 3 months he was working at that tea stall. He moreover stated, “I have been enlightened that I have stunning eyes by several girls but nothing happened ever. But when my photo spread like a virus, I realized that now I am famous.”

It was a real surprise for Arshad Khan that he had placed the Internet on fire on or after Pakistan to India and further than: he cannot read, and has no phone. “It was an actual surprise,” the young “chaiwala”, said to an overseas media agency.

“I knew that I am good-looking but you cannot do a thing when you are poor,” he stated, adding up that the picture has “changed the manner I think.”

In the photograph, taken by a photographer and then shared on Instagram, Khan making milk tea, his green-blue eyes looking honestly into camera. It placed users of social media collapsing, with 18 year of age boy picture shared so many times.