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Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

When you guys are attracted towards someone a person who is around you and you were not sure of your feelings that leave in your heart for someone. May be he’s your friend and we can say that such a dilemma. At that point of your life you want to get in or back out it’s up to you according to the situations that goes into your heart that whether you leave her or owe her in your life it’s your choice.  So signs he like you more than a friend is more easy for the girls and difficult for the boys to express their feeling towards her. Most of the guys do not know how to pretend their feeling to the one who you think she is the only person I really want to spend life and on the other side ladies have a capability to hide her feeling in front of a person she like the most. So here is all the signs he like you more than a friend as follows:

He always try to give you more attention:

A guy who is interested in you always wants to give you more attention as other boys give you. He really wanted to show his response towards to whether you are talking about something in front of him. He listing to you keenly and don’t say anything during your conversation he only staring at you while you are talking about anything. Like we can say that if you don’t give importance to a person so defiantly you won’t give her attention as she deserve it so it’s obvious that you like her than you want to respond her otherwise no body want to waste their time from those they don’t like so basically there are such sign he like you more than a friend.

He always want to stare at you:

The person who is interested in you always wants to sit behind with you and stare at you. He admires you once in a while and sit always in a strategic position. You would have eye contact with him for one time for sure so at that time you feel special because the person who admires you and this is defiantly not something bad that guys are attracted by your side if they really like you the most and think you are the special one for him. So there are some sign he like you more than a friend. If a guys who do the same than defiantly he likes you more than a friend so far.

He get nervous in front of you:

A guy who is interested in you for sure him nervous in front of you. Because he think that maybe he create a mess in which you don’t feel comfortable with him so take care such thing that really make her uncomfortable so he always nervous in front of her.

He always replied in everything you say:

When you talk to him about something interested or not, he like to replies you and response at you because he is interested in your gossips. He says everything you said that I always right whether it’s not. He really just wants to show that you are the perfect match for each other and no one else like us. So these are the cute signs he like you more than a friend.

He just call to say hi:

He will calls you so many times and say hi. I know it’s not obvious sometimes and girls don’t note that find of things but it’s a cute thing that guys perform to show her that signs he like you more than a friend. It’s up to girl how she takes it seriously or not. If he calls you he say that like he think about you and worried about you so far so he call you just to find how’s you. So these are the things that show your love or extra feeling towards a friend.

He laugh at your jokes and enjoy it a lot:

He is the one who laugh at your jokes as no one can because he likes it when you put some jokes regarding him or other things. He loves to see you laugh. When you laugh he laughs because he’s feels fresh and happy when you are happy so these are the cute signs he like you more than a friend. So the reason behind it he wants to feel you comfortable in any situation. He wants your comfort nothing else.

He get jealous if someone talks to you:

He feels jealous when someone talks to you and stare at you. If he sees you hang out with other guys than he get stressed and start feeling jealousy with those guys. He always want to show that he is the one who is perfect for you no one else take his place from your heart even you are friends bit somehow he is possessive about you somehow if he like you more than a friend.

He very well know your dislike and likes:

He knows very well what thing you like the most or not. He well aware about your choices. What kind of music you like the most and videos etc. he thing you want to expect from him like a birthday gift etc. Sometimes you can tell them in which stuff you are interested or not. So if he knows about you than you can say that’s sign he like you more than a friend.

Check his eyes when he talks to you:

He always wants to show that he is concentrate in you when you are talking about something. When you talk to him whether he is busy but that time he responds you. He defiantly nervous when he talks and you look into his eyes. So these are the cute signs he likes you more than a friend

Always goes through your profile:

Friend who likes you more than friends he normally goes through with your profile. Because he wants to know what’s going on in your life. He normally downloads your update profile pictures. So these are the sign he likes you more than a friend. He is the one you into you and everything about you.