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Simon Hill states, World Cup of 48-team will be a ‘farce’ and ‘kill’ tournament.

Simon Hill states, World Cup of 48-team will be a ‘farce’ and ‘kill’ tournament.

Gianni Infantino president of FIFA made energy towards development subsequent to some powerbrokers emerged to support the modification following suggestions throughout a council meeting of FIFA previous week.

“The trend is towards a bigger format,” Michel D’Hooghe Belgian council member stated, adding up that the allowance of entries between confederations continued a source of discussion.

A member of council, who demanded anonymity, stated the recently selected European football leader, Aleksander Ceferin, was in support of a bigger tournament.

But in accordance to Hill, a progress to a World Cup of 40 or 48-team would transform, “what has done so fine for so long”.

 “They are messing by way of the basics of what has worked so fine for football intended for a long time and it is directed to kill it.”

The strong 36-member group weighed plans for a competition of 40-team by means of 8 groups of 5 teams otherwise 10 groups of 4.

A format of 48-team, favored by Infantino, would observe the 16 winners of group qualifying round automatically reserve a position in tournament, whereas added 32 teams would contend in playoff of pre-tournament.

From playoff, 16 countries would then progress for World Cup. FIFA stated the committee would craft a final verdict at a conference on 9th and 10th January.

But that is precisely why Hill considers this type of development would be harmful to biggest tournament of football.

“At the ending of an extensive European season of club, such as, teams are going away and get ready in a camp, hypothetically, to participate in a World Cup so they are aimed to have to perform the standard 3 or 4 weeks,” Hill stated.

“And after that subsequent to 1 game it possibly will be all over.”

Will it work or it will just be discarded because of the huge changes in the tournament history.