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Six under arrest after fire killed schoolgirls in Turkey

Six under arrest after fire killed schoolgirls in Turkey

On Wednesday southern Turkey authorities apprehended 6 people due to a dormitory fire that took life of 11 schoolgirls and 1 further person, a news agency stated.

Fire swept through mostly wooded interior of 2-storey dormitory in Aladag town on Tuesday, causing the collapse of roof.

Omer Celik, European Affairs Minister, a lawmaker who stands for the province surrounding in national parliament, stated the suspected reason was an electrical error.

But opposition protested of negligent regulation and condemned an education strategy that has observed a growing amount of related dormitories system to reside poor village’s students where no state schools are available.

Local media stated the dormitory was directed by a religious movement of Turkey that operates these kinds of facilities. A lawmaker, Elif Dogan Turkmen from main Republican People’s Party of opposition, stated she had ineffectively tabled numerous suggestions in parliament to perk up the assessment and management of such structures.

“The AKP has deserted all state education authority on to cults and religious movements,” Turkmen said. “They throw poor families kids in hands of cults by not creating dormitories themselves.”

Huseyin Sozlu, local mayor was referenced by a newspaper as stating the fire escape door was close, trapping a number of of the victims indoors. But Veysi Kaynak, Deputy Prime Minister refused that this was the case.

“The initial info passed on from researchers and our prosecutor proposes the door was not locked,” he stated.

Kaynak denied claims of inadequate inspections, stating the structure had been inspected in June plus previous year and that it contained the required license.

The fire started on ground floor but swiftly spread by means of carpets and wooden fixtures, in accordance with a Turk correspondent who stated children had broke the upper floor windows in attempt to escape.

24 people, a lot of of them schoolgirls, were wounded. Among the detainees was a dormitory manager.