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Songs about Missing Someone

Songs about Missing Someone

Music is a piece of mind that prickling your heart and also make a remedy to heal your infected wounds that creates separation, loss and pain. When you missed someone, so there is something like you missed someone presence, how they make you feel special and spending time with them. It’s true that sometime words are not enough to tell your suffering, pains and struggle about your love. Listening songs about missing someone is like you want to remember the entire thing or all the time spend with each other. When we listen songs about missing someone is like we are reflection our memories in them. We feel grief of loved once when he passed away suddenly or with some reasons so it’s like a heart break of our break up. This pain we can say that far away from our family and friends. Most of the music memories make tears in our eyes and some songs you dedicate to your friends and that make you sad while you listing them. Many of the emotions arise when you listens those songs in your life. People mostly like to listen sad songs as regarding fast songs regarding missing someone because everyone have a sad story about their life so they used to listen sad songs more as compared to fast songs. So listen song about missing someone is like you want to reflect your memories with someone. People do listening rock songs also and they love to so far because there are so many rock songs that make you feel good when you are in pain and struggling regarding your heart break of your breakup. People mostly focus on the songs lyric not on the music so far. So they love to listen and feel rock songs too just to remember their memories. There is following list of songs.
There are hundred cool songs about missing someone:
1. Still got the blues for you ‘Gray Moore’
2. Don’t know what you got ‘Cinderella’
3. Miles away ‘Winger’
4. Still loving you ‘Scorpions’
5. I don’t want to miss a thing ‘ Aerosmith’
6. Tears in heaven ‘Eric Clapton’
7. Here without you ‘3 doors Down’
8. Wish you were here ‘Pink Floyd’
9. I remember You ‘ skid Row’
10. Is this love ‘White snake’

Songs about Missing Someone
11. Beth ‘Kiss’
12. Hey there delilah ‘Plain White T’s
13. When you are gone ‘ Bryan Adams’ is one of the best songs about missing someone
14. Faithfully ‘Journey’
15. Baby come back ‘Player’
16. Run ‘Snow Patrol’
17. I don’t know what to do with myself ‘The White Stripes’
18. Always ‘Bon Jovi’
19. Right here waiting ‘ Richard Marx’
20. Far Away ‘Nickel back’
21. Missing you ‘john Waite’
22. Landing in London ‘3 Door Down’
23. I miss you ‘Blink 182’
24. Wake me up when September ends ‘green day’
25. Wish you were here ‘Avril lavigne’
26. Your call Second hand serenade’
27. Miss you ‘Rolling stones’
28. The man who can’t be moved ‘The Script’
29. Without you ‘Bad finger’
30. I am lost without you ‘Blink 182
31. Better together ‘Jack Johnson’
32. Turn to stone ‘Electric light orchestra’
33. It must have been love ‘Roxette’
34. How to save a life ‘The Fray’
35. The flame ‘Cheap trick’
36. Missing you ‘Steve Perry’
37. Somebody that I used to know ‘Gotye’
38. Wherever you will go ‘The Calling’
39. I need my girl ‘The natural’ is one of the best songs about missing someone
40. A long December ‘Counting crows’

Songs about Missing Someone
41. Through her eyes ‘Dream theater’
42. When you are gone ‘ Avril Lavigne’
43. The lousy truth ‘Never shout never’
44. Anytime ‘MSG’
45. Than words ‘Extreme’
46. Miss you in a heartbeat ‘Def Leppard’
47. Hold my hand ‘Hootie and the blowfish’
48. The scientist ‘Coldplay’
49. Slipped away ‘Avril lavigne’
50. Besides you ‘5 seconds of summer’
51. I miss you ‘incubus’
52. Colorblind ‘Counting crows’
53. Desperately wanting ‘Better than erza’
54. To be with you ‘Mr. big’
55. Gone to soon ‘Simple plan’
56. Into My Arms- Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’
57. Babe ‘Styx’
58. Miss You ‘Candle box’ is one of the best songs about missing someone
59. Back To Black ‘Amy Wine house’
60. Patience ‘Guns N’ Roses’
61. Hey Jealousy ‘ Gin Blossoms’
62. Time After Time ‘Cyndi Lau per’
63. I’ll Be There For You ‘Bon Jovi’
64. Changes ‘Black Sabbath’
65. Broken ‘Seethe and Amy Lee’
66. Warning Sign ‘Coldplay’
67. I’ll See You In My Dreams ‘Giant’
68. If You’re Gone ‘Matchbox 20’
69. The Bed’s Too Big Without You ‘The Police’
70. Best I Ever Had ‘Vertical Horizon’
71. Stevie Nicks and Don Henley ‘Leather & Lace’
72. My Immortal ‘Evanescence’
73. Flowers in Your Hair ‘The Limners’
74. More Than Words Can Say ‘Alias’
75. Carrie ‘Europe’
76. It’s You I Miss ‘Fleetwood Mac’
77. Reminds Me Of you ‘Van Morrison’
78. How I Miss You ‘Foe Fighters’
79. The First Days of Spring ‘Noah And the Whale’
80. Please Forgive Me ‘Bryan Adams’
81. You’re All I Need ‘Motley Cure’
82. When I’m With You ‘Sheriff’
83. I am alone ‘Felix’
84. In My Life ‘The Beatles’
85. Lonesome Day ‘Bruce Spring teen’
86. Always Gonna Love You ‘Gary Moore With or Without You’
87. Thinking About You ‘Radiohead’
88. Dreaming With A Broken Heart ‘John Mayer’
89. Without You Here ‘Goo Goo Dolls’
90. Be with me ‘J holiday’
91. From Where You Are ‘Life house’
92. November Rain- Guns N’ Roses Rosanna ‘Toto’
93. She’s Gone ‘Steel heart’ is one of the best songs about missing someone
94. When She Loved Me ‘Sarah McLachlan’
95. All I Want ‘Saigon Kick’
96. Once I Was ‘Tim Buckley’
97. Alone Again ‘Dokken’
98. Empty Rooms ‘Gary Moore’
99. Save Your Love ‘Great White’

Songs about Missing Someone
100. Wheel In The Sky ‘Journey’
There are following list of songs about missing someone, so if you guys missed someone special in your life and want to reflect you memories with them so can choose in this list of songs that surely helps you to find best songs about missing someone.