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South African Woman Accused For Baby Kidnapping 19 Years Ago

South African Woman Accused For Baby Kidnapping 19 Years Ago

A South African woman accused of abducting a baby girl and raised her until a surprising incident reunited the girl with her biological family. Now, you can imagine that woman you called mother and have loved all your life stolen you. The father that you called dad is not your biological father.

The girl’s real identity has come in light last year in 2015 when her younger biological sister started to attend high school and the students has pointed out the resemblance with a final year student. The younger girl met the older girl and told her parents. Her parents immediately believed that she was their lost child and they called the police. DNA test confirmed that the girl was indeed their child which was named Zephany Nurse.

The case of Zephany Nurse was one of the country’s longest and biggest running news stories. A mother wept a lot in court while describing the moment when her three day old daughter was snatched by someone in nurse dress from the hospital bed at maternity ward at Groote Schuur Hospital. Nearly 18 years later, the mother called Celeste Nurse and the kidnapped victim who given the name at the time of her birth family as Zephany Nurse were reunited after an astonishing incident.

A South African woman was now on trial being accused of snatching the baby girl and raising her as her own for 19 years. The Nurse family was living a couple of kilometers far from their kidnapped daughter. They were celebrating her birthday every year and never loss hope of finding her.

A judge in the High Court In Cape Town said that woman crime is so serious. The 51 year old woman whose name has not been revealed has been sentenced to 10 years in jail. The woman was accused of taking her has denied charges of taking abruption, fraud and breaking the Child Protection Law of South Africa, reported by African New Agency.

Zepahany Nurse was sent to a safety place after the kidnapper’s arrest. The case has destroyed her sense and she said that she wants to live with the woman who kidnapped her and not with their biological father. Her biological father Morne Nurse is happy with the sentence and said that he was moving forward to set a relationship with her lost daughter. Celeste Nurse noted that she was not happy with the lerngth of the sentence but she is hopeful to bond and form a relationship with her daughter.  Zeephany Nurse ‘s biological mother wept and described that at the age of 18 she woke up in her maternity bed to find her three day old baby who was vanished.

The woman who kidnapped the Zephany Nurse was very desperate to have her own child and she was tired of miscarriages. However, she denies that she kidnapped the baby and added the she was handed new born baby by a woman called Sylvia at railway station. She said that no one believes me and I am a victim after told the BBC in an interview.