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Space Princess “Starfire” fiery trailer is going to be release in August

The release of “injustice 2” 1st fighter pack is about to come and is going to rock in the air. Owners of injustice 2 Digital Deluxe or Ultimate editions will become able to download princess of space and princes of hearts “Starfire” character. This former “Teen Titans” character and princes’ Coriander of Tamarin “Starfire” character will glorify injustice 2 edition in August. This character is going to join already released Sub-zero and Red Hood.

Starfire Gets a Fiery Trailer, Will Be Released in August

Starfire Gets a Fiery Trailer, Will Be Released in August

With all her fiery glory, Starfire has made newly released trailer up-to mark. Her new looks include dash attacks in a traditional way and ultraviolet blasts. Well! This appealing trailer does not only comprise the coolest Starfire but also amazing Superman. New potential skin for Superman is allocated to this trailer. His potential skin in this trailer disguises him as “anti-hero Bizzaro” (a long-term antagonist of Superman).
According to linage and powers of Starfire she fits perfect to this super movie. She has powers of launching opponents in space and then with her explosive moves she made them defeated. As a dark fighter, she places a tough competition for every other NetherRealm’s dark fighter. Additional fighters in “injustice 2” will more likely to come in future and this thing can be confirmed from first teaser image of injustice 2 as these strong characters are in blur images at background.

Already released characters of Sub-zero and Red hood, Starfire is one of the prominent characters. From this release, DC fans seem very happy. Excitements are all in the air, as three prominent characters are visible to DC lovers and 6 more exciting characters, are in blur image at their back. This all is a sign of all the excitement which is yet to come.

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For above images, two characters can be identified easily. Well, these are on right side Raiden of Mortal combat and on the left side, there is blur image of Black Manta. From the image, it can be judged easily that there is one more fighter female character which is yet unrevealed. From viewers comments, it has been speculated that it might be “vixen”. Many of fans are hoping that she must be Lady Shiva. It is expected that in next few months DLC characters of injustice 2 first group will get a release in all new exciting style. The exact date of release is not announced yet. Well for DC fans we would like to suggest that mention in comment box that which more exciting characters they want 🙂