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Spy planes of US were intercepted close to border of Russia.

Spy planes of US were intercepted close to border of Russia.

Spy planes of US have tried two times to come near the border of Russia above the Black Sea by way of off transponders, the Defense Ministry of Russia stated, adding up that SU-27 jets were jumbled in answer.

“On 7th of September, the US P-8 Poseidon observation airplanes attempted to come near the border of Russia twice, with transponders off,” Major General Igor Konashenkov, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, stated in statement.

The fighter jets SU-27 that interrupted the aircraft of US were acting “in strict agreement with rules of international flight,” the report reads.

Two unidentified US defense executives previously blamed Russian jets of performing an “unprofessional and unsafe” interrupt of spy aircraft of US that was on a “regular patrol” above the Black Sea.

They stated the Russian SU-27 approached inside approx 3 meters of the plane of US, and the confrontation ended for approx 19 minutes.

“They were up there intended for 12 hours and there are countless interactions. But merely one of the occurrences was what pilot concluded was dangerous,” a US executive said.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that subsequent to the Russian jets came near the US spy jets enough close to visually recognize them, the aircraft of America harshly changed course and took off away as of the border. The ministry additionally said that it was merely the most recent effort by US plane to draw near the border of Russia near to the area where the enormous drills of Caucasus-2016 are held.

The ministry pressured that there is no necessity for such measures, as it previously officially called military affixes from 60 nations, comprising members of NATO, plus above 100 overseas journalists, to be present at the concluding stage of drills.

The Pentagon has said that its P-8A Poseidon of Navy was carrying out “routine procedures in global airspace” when “a Russian Flanker SU-27 completed a dangerous intercept of close-range” at round about 11:20 in the morning.