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Statue of Kanye West’s Excruciation goes up: Hollywood Boulevard

Floundered by intersection of La Brea Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard, Kanye West’s statue has been placed in the pose like it is his excruciation. Artist Plastic Jesus has done this art work. “False idol” is given name to this life-sized sculpture and Plastic Jesus is famous for his Oscar nominated art work.

Statue of Kanye West’s Excruciation goes up: Hollywood Boulevard

Plastic Jesus is famous for its creative art as in 2014 he unbosomer a sculpture with a needle in its arm and in 2015 he made a sculpture which depicted snorting all cocaine off the ground and it was an Oscar statue.

Plastic Jesus gave his comments on this latest sculpture of Kanye West and said that this sculpture is made according to obsession of public with this celebrity. He explained more about this sculpture by talking with LAist and said that from last few years I am making art work in sculpture regarding alcohol and drugs but this time I focused my work on celebrities and public obsession about these celebrities that how they build a god-type character about stars in their mind. Plastic Jesus said that we will crucify them if that will not happen which we have expectations as we have made our expectations so much high regarding this sculpture.

Ginger who is famous in making these types of Naked-trump statues has made collaborations with Plastic Jesus in creating this sculpture and he has done work on head of this statue and Plastic added that it is difficult to make human head without color and to make it look like real. He added that gold finishing paint is used in making this sculpture.

This sculpture is wearing Yeezys

Tuesday morning at 10 am, this statue dropped off and overseen by numerous security people and on Wednesday afternoon it was expected to leave that place and on Saturday from 12pm to 9 pm it will be exhibited at art show of: “Anesthesia, The Art of Oblivion.”

At West Hollywood, free of admission, 8801 Sunset Boulevard, Gibson Brands space this exhibition will be held.