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Steve Harvey Net Worth: How Rich is Steve Harvey?


Steve Harvey Net Worth: 100 Million Dollars

Steve Harvey who is famous for his comedy and television shows has 100 million dollars. 59 years old Comedian, Broderick Stephen (Steve) Harvey was born on 17th January 1957 in Southside, Jamaica Queens United States of America.

Steve Harvey net worth earning sources:


The star has earned this net worth from various sources like as follows:

  • Acting
  • Comedian
  • Radio host
  • Television host
  • Producer
  • Author

Steve Harvey net worth and his annual salary:


The net worth of the comedy star is almost 100 million dollars as his net worth. This net worth is equal to almost 60 million British pounds. Yearly income of the 59 years old star, Steve Harvey, is almost 20 million dollars on average.

Steve Harvey net worth and beginning of his career:

The star belonged to a blue collar family and his father was a coal miner. Steve Harvey started working in very early age to support his family financially and he used to work as a carpet cleaner, a boxer, an autoworker, a mailman and a salesman. He graduated from West Virginia University. He joined comedy as a profession in 1985 when he started the stand-up comedy at a comedy club of Cleveland Ohio.

Steve Harvey net worth from Zero to hundred million dollars:

  • The star is known to be a very poor before being famous in the comedy and movies. At the start of career even after few years being in this profession he had a zero in his net worth. In year 1985 he started standup comedy show at a club in Ohio and earned a little bit. That was not a start of being his a hundred dollars millionaire as he lived homeless for three years in the end of decade 1980s. He used to take bath on gas stations etc. At that time he used to work as a carpet cleaner and entered into a contract to clean carpets with a travel agency.
  • Steve Harvey net worth earned from Television:
  • During that time he performed in National comedy search and became a finalist of Second annual Johnnie Walker due to his performance on 16th April 1990. That was a start of his well going career as a comedian. He started to host a show “It’s Showtime at the Apollo” which was left by a famous celebrity of that time Mark Curry. He hosted that show from year 1994 to year 2000, for almost 6 years.
  • After starting that he got another show at ABC named as “Me and the Boys”. He got fame from his standup comedy from this show as well and earned a noticeable net worth from that show. He presented himself in that show in year 1994 and year 1995.
  • In year 1996 he started the show which gave him the most of his recognition. The show was named as “The Steve Harvey Show”. The show lasted for almost 7 years from year 1996b to year 2002. He was not only host at that show but also produced it himself. He did almost 122 episodes of that show.
  • In year 2001 he did one episode of the show “The Proud Family”. The name of episode he worked in was “Don’t leave home without it”.
  • In year 2002 and 2003 he hosted Essence Awards.
  • In year 2002 he presented himself in one episode of “My Wife my kids”. The name of the episode was “Jay the artist”.
  • In year 2003 he played the role of Mr. Barnes in one episode of “The Parkers”. The name of the episode was “The Holdup”.
  • In year 2003 he signed for another television show as a host and executive producer of the show named as “Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge”. This show went on air for almost 2 years, till year 2005.
  • He hosted another award show named as “BET comedy awards” for year 2004 and 2005.
  • In year 2010 he appeared as guest and as a host as well in 5 episodes of the show “Who Wants to be a Billionaire”.
  • In year 2010 he started hosting another show which he is doing till present. The name of the show is “family feud”.
  • In year 2012 he started to host the show “Steve Hervey”. He is doing that show at present as well. He has earned almost 4.34 million dollars from this show.
  • Now a days he is appearing in following TV shows as a host:
  • Celebrity family feud
  • Steve Harvey
  • Miss Universe (2015 to present)

Steve Harvey net worth from movies:

  • In year 2000 he acted in the movie “the original kings of Comedy”. The comedy star is also awarded with the title of “king of the comedy”. He earned much of net worth from the movie.
  • In year 2003 he played the role of Miles the DJ in the film “the fighting Temptations”. The star earned almost 1.62 million dollars from this movie.
  • In the same year he did another movie and was starred as Clarence Johnson in the film “Love don’t cost a thing”. He earned almost 2.1 million dollars from this role.
  • In year 2004 he played the role of Mack in the movie “Johnson family vacation” and raised Steve Harvey net worth by 2.16 million dollars.
  • He earned almost 5.77 million dollars by giving his voice to the character of “buzz the fly” in the movie “Racing stripes”.
  • In 2009 he gave a Cameo appearance in the movie “Madea Goes to Jail” and added round about 6.25 million dollars in his net worth.
  • In 2012 he was executive producer of the movie “Think like a man” and also gave cameo appearance in that movie and earned almost 8.33 million dollars from that movie.
  • Another movie of the star “You got served” added almost 5.12 million dollars in the Steve Harvey net worth.

Steve Harvey net worth of the previous five years:

  • In year 2012 the net worth of Steve Harvey was almost 51.2 million dollars.
  • In year 2013 Steve Harvey net worth was approximately 67.79 million dollars.
  • In year 2014 he had 83.33 million dollars in his net worth.
  • In the previous year his net worth was almost 90.9 million dollars.
  • Now, in year 2016 his net worth is estimated to be almost 100 million dollars.

Steve Harvey net worth as compared to the net worth of other comedians:

  • The net worth of the star Larry David is 7 times bigger than that of Steve.
  • Matt Groening has 4 times bigger net worth than Steve Harvey.
  • The net worth of Bill Cosby is 3 times bigger than Steve Harvey net worth.
  • The net worth of Larry the Cable Guy is equal to] half of the Steve Harvey net worth.
  • The net worth of the comedian Stephen Colbert is almost half of that of Steve.
  • The net worth of Chris rock is almost equal to 70 % of the net worth of Steve Harvey.