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Sting to re-open Bataclan on Paris attacks anniversary eve by concert

Sting to re-open Bataclan on Paris attacks anniversary eve by concert

Sting has proclaimed that he will re-open Bataclan concert hall of Paris on 12th of November, the day prior to the 1st anniversary of the Jihadist assault there that took life of 90 people.

The ex-frontman of Police stated he had decided to come out “1st, to honor and remember those who were killed in the attack last year, and 2nd to celebrate the music life that this remarkable theatre symbolizes. In order to do so we expect to value the memory plus the life-stating courage of the people who fell. We shall not overlook them.”

The declaration on his website was a main boost up for the location, which had supposedly been fighting to draw big names to perform here. All takings from the concert will be given to 2 charities operating with sufferers of the attacks.

On the anniversary day, attack survivors and the Eagles, the US rock group, who were performing when the annihilation started, will be present at the inauguration of a plate before of the hall, in accordance with the French channel of news. The Bataclan owners have so far to verify that it will happen or not.

Peter Doherty, the front man of Libertines will perform at the refurbished location for 2 nights from 16 November onwards; trailed by Youssou N’Dour, the star of Senegalese and Marianne Faithfull, the singer.

The British legend of 60s, who resides in Paris, stated she had prepared a song motivated by attack that she will present for the initial time there.

“I recognize that it is frightening,” Faithfull stated, the bands that were unwilling to play the location in Paris eastern region. “I do not hold responsible them. But there is nothing to be afraid of. I do not believe it will occur again.”

Bataclan was among numerous targets in a sequence of attacks all over the capital of Frence by IS suicide bombers and gunmen. Restaurants, bars and national stadium were hit as well.