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Suicide Bombing at Pakistani Hospital in Quetta Kills 66

Suicide Bombing at Pakistani Hospital in Quetta Kills 66

According to the Pakistani police, this act of killing was done by the suicide bomber and this attack took place at the hospital which was run by government in the Quetta which is a city positioned at the southwest region. 66 people were killed in this attack and dozens were wounded.

Total No. of People died: 66

Approx. Wounded People: 50

Zahoor Ahmed Afridi is a senior police officer who was expert in the disposal and informed about the attack of this incident today morning at the scene.

Ali Zafar is in the main association of Pakistani lawyers who denounced about the bombing and about the attack for justice. He told about the people that they attack for the people who get killed in the attacks and express solidarity for them.

Many of the lawyers came to hospital for the investigation and to know about the horrifying position of the bodies and the wounds who screamed out for help. There was no group who could claim about the blast responsibility.

The deputy chief surgeon for the victims was “Noor Ahmed” claimed about the violence in crime and he said that to treat this crime for about 50 people who were wounded in the bombing. According to him,

“There were about 53 people who were killed in today’s bombing at hospital”

Those who faced this situation described this situation horrifically as “Bodies Everywhere” after it was blasted.

According to the Waliur Rehman,

“He was on his way to the emergency ward to take his father up there at the time of explosion and the building was shocked”

He was fallen down because the bomb was too powerful and he could not survive it. There was an area of 200 meters yard and there was another witness who talked about this building.

According to Sanaullah Zehri who was a chief minister in the province of Baluchistan declared about the bombing and the slaying of Kasi which seemed to have been a part of the peace of this provincial capital. He said about the attack as “An Act of Terrorism”.

In the local stations of TV, people showed much footage of people running from one place to another in panic and also running to the grounds of the hospital.

Nawaz Sharif condemned about the act that this anguish and deep grief is precious for the lives that are human. Many of the lawyers were killed and also the lives which were important for the people.

“Peace is not allowed to be disturbed by anyone in this city in this province which is restored for the countless sacrifices with the forces of security, police and the Baluchistan people”

He also stated about the local authorities that beef up security and vigilance is utmost requirement in this city Quetta. His death was also insulted by the officials of health who provided them the best possible treatment.

Gen. Raheel Sharif is a powerful army chief of Pakistan who also visited the Civil Hospital of Quetta and met all the people who got wounded in Quetta.

Also, he condemned about the people who died in this attack and the reporters who got injured badly.

A reporter from Dunya TV also told about his friend who got badly injured in this attack.