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Syria Conflict: US ‘Outraged’ Over Aid Convoy Attack

syria-conflictThe expression of US was expressed with an outrage of the attack of an aid convoy near the city of Syria in Aleppo and the group of monitoring said that there are about 12 civilians who left dead.

It has been confirmed by the UN that this convoy was hit near this rebel who was held down with the Urum al – Kubra and it was given without any kind of details.

According to the activists it was strike with the air and the trucks were left hit with the army who declared a US Russian and brokered truce over and over.

The releases of US prospects about future with an ally of government in Syria and the destination convoys with the Syrian regime for the Federation of Russia and it is according to the spokesman of state department of John Kirby.

These aid workers are killed in an attempt in providing relief to the people of Syria.

Children are suffering from the war of Syria which is horrible. Also the unease of US air action with joint in Russia is overloaded. The work of new truce is still not known well and also they want to know the years it will take in this war.

The observatory of Syria for the Human Rights is a UK based group of monitoring declared about the attacks which were carried out by the aircraft of Russia and Syria. The dead were included in it with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent drivers and volunteers.

The chief Stephen O’Brien aid the callous attack which was found in the war crime. There were about 31 Lorries in the hit of convoy which was according to the spokesperson of UN. This convoy was intended with the aid of driver for about 78, 000 people in the areas which were rebel near the Aleppo.

Reuters witnessed about the agencies for strikes of five missiles and the Lorries were hit fast and packed all the belongings of the Syrian Red Crescent.

Deal In Doubt

The appearance of attack was with the collapse of signal which was the efforts made by US and the rebels were back with the Russian violence in Syria. This army was with this deal which was over.

It cannot be salvaged as per the conditions of the US official senior journalists and the anonymity conditions.

At such a point, Russians demonstrate quickly about the seriousness of the purpose due to the extension of salvage.

After the announcement of army, Aleppo knew that the activists and the province in the surroundings were targeted with the correspondent of Agence France Presse in the city of Aleppo and this was the bombardment nonstop.

The rebels and military of Syria were accused of the violations. The Russia and U.S were hold back for the situation of Syria on Tuesday in New York which was added by the department.

The besieged areas were provided with aid which was an important part of the deal brokered in hostilities.

Some supplements are also provided to the beiseiged areas in the town of Talbiseh in the province of Homs on Monday according to the Red Cross.

The supplements of aid were waiting for it to go on. The government approved what was said by the government of UN and it was not easy for the government to reach to the areas which were besieged.

Many areas can get access which is constrained and can be fought with the administrative delays and insecurities.

This truce is dealt with the blow on Saturday which also leads US to the coalition against the Islamic State and the bombing is done in the troops of Syria in the city of east region.

According to the officials, they are strike with the killing of the soldiers about 60 in number. The president of Bashar al Assad was known to be the latest example of the American aggression for the Syrian government for the positions of army and the terrorists were interested in the Daesh organization.