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Syria War: Rival Claims As Turkish Strikes Kill At Least 25

Death of ten people has been reported until now and a lot more is yet to come in the Turkish strikes held in Syria close to Jarablus, a border city.Death of ten people has been reported until now and a lot more is yet to come in the Turkish strikes held in Syria close to Jarablus, a border city.

4 militants and 35 civilians were killed in the Attack of Turkey, according to monitoring group.

25 people were killed from the Kurdish militant, according to Turkish military.

So called Kurish militia and Islamic State ( IS ) militants inside Syria are on their fifth day of military operation.

54 people of IS militants were killed at the wedding of a Kurdish last week. Operations are continued till their end against the organizations of terrorism, according to the President Recep Tayyip.

The troops and tanks of Turkey backed up by the rebels of Syria and IS captured territory. Clash of Kurdish People’s Protection Unites occurred. United States supported Kurdish militia where IS is fighting itself.

Analysis: Guney Yildiz, BBC News

Conflict of Turkey is arising with the Kurdish People’s Protection Unites ( YPG ) and their allies of Arab who complicated military campaign further.

Ankara tries to force the Kurds so that they may withdraw Euphrates River positioned at east coast. Establishment of a corridor in linked to the two Kurdish areas placed in north western Syria.

Support of Russia is with Turkey as the government of Iran and Assad protects the territorial gains in the Allies and the Kurds. On the other side, US protect Turkey from coming in any kind of major conflict with the allies in this region.

A campaign of Turkey in contradiction of Kurds went on for a risk to ignite clashes with Worker’s party of Kurdish militants in Turkey. The attack was recently upped in correlation with the operation of Turkey in Syria.

Observatory of Syria is UK based for human rights has declared as 20 people dead in the Jeb el Kussa strike. Again about 15 people were killed in bombardment separation close to Al – Amarneh.

Observatory reported about 4 more deaths of local fighters.

25 members were killed in an offshoot of the PYD, a statement of Turkish military.

Jeb El – Kussa is positioned about 14 km towards Jarablus in south. Local fighters have control over this in support of Kurdish forces.

Turksih military suffered from the fatality while a soldier was killed by a rocket hit in a tank. Kurdish militia was blamed for these deaths by Turkish authorities. It took place on Saturday.

Complicated Alliances

Kurdish was targeted by Turkey who controlled all the villages near Jarablus. IS captured all the Turkish forces on the offensive day.

Kurdish fighters feel fearful with the gain in strip of unbroken territory along the side of borders. A huge boost of Kurdish Workers Party was banned with the rebel of Kurdish group fight in Turkey for autonomy.

The operations in Turkey were complicated which were protracted already in the civil war of Syria. Both the Kurdish and Turkey rebels are allies of US.

IS operations of Turkey backed US in Syria. Both these countries withdrew with the demands of Kurdish forces to the Euphrates River in east.