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Syrian rebels withdraws old Aleppo city.


State media of Syria and a monitoring group of opposition state that troops of Syrian military and their associates have taken further ground in Old City of Aleppo, increasing a latest grasp in heart of separated city.

The news agency of state says that Syrian armed forces in early hours in the morning of Wednesday established management over 2 north districts of the very old Citadel in the middle of city, the Bab al-Hadid and Aghiour neighborhoods.

The Britain-oriented Syrian Human Rights Observatory states the latest gains have strangled the radicals, compelling them to back off to further regions of Old City.

There was no instant opposition remark on the defeat, which broadens government power upon the commune that was in hands of rebel since 2012. Earlier than the new advancements On Tuesday, military of Syria stated it held 73 % of Aleppo’s eastern region, the rebel commune.

The defense ministry of Russia state a colonel of Russian military who was a military counselor in the regime-controlled division of the Aleppo, Syrian city has departed this life in shelling of rebel.

The casualty is the 3rd casualty of Russia this going week, subsequent to 2 nurse’s life was taken in a attack of rocket on a temporary hospital of Russian military in Aleppo.

On Wednesday the ministry stated in a report that Col. Ruslan Galitsky got injured in shelling of rebel of a regime-held neighborhood quite a lot of days before and has passed away because of wounds.

A news agency mentioned a statement of rebel that was for Leadership Council of Aleppo, as demanding for an instant 5-day truce to allow for evacuation of 500 serious medicinal cases under supervision of UN.

The government of Syria and Russia its ally has discarded a truce for war-ragged city, keeping pace with the offensive of military in the middle of rebel moving away and very big dislocation of civilians of Aleppo.