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Syrian war not ending after Aleppo seizure


In accordance with the president of Syria, the war in opposition to terrorists will carry on “awaiting they are completely destroyed”

The freedom of Aleppo will alter the track of war in Syria except won’t state its end, Bashar Assad, President of Syria stated in a talk with newspaper.

“The Aleppo’s liberation will turn into a significant phase on the path towards liberating Syria from terrorists, although the battle against them will carry on until they are completely destroyed,” the president of Syria stated.

“Terrorists are residing in further Syrian districts and we will fight them,” Assad stated.

The president of Syria accredited the forces of government victories to the amplified combat prospective of Syrian army. He stated that resolution to free the Syrian territory, comprising Aleppo, from radicals “was completed from the very start of the disagreement.”

The forces of government triumph in Aleppo “will impose a heavy bluster on regional forces and West’s plot in opposition to Syria,” Assad stated.

In accordance with the Assad, later than militants experienced a defeat close to Damascus and within Homs, “Turkey and further enemies of the Syrian regime completed their major stake on Aleppo and utilized the proximity of city to border to supply logistics support of military to militants.”

“That is the reason, the expulsion of terrorists from city will divest them of their final card,” the leader of the Syrian regime stated.

The authorities of Syria always settled to a ceasefire, be expecting to end the bloodshed other than militants inside Aleppo utilized this break to reform their military, Assad stated.

“Politically, the truce was beneficial for us as we proved the true purposes of states backed armed alliances that they were taking steps not in wellbeing of population but merely want to reinforce terrorists,” stated by Syrian head, adding up that US calls for a ceasefire in Aleppo were proof that “their beings established themselves in a hard state there.”