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Ten Attacks in a day; the Migrants in Germany 2016

Ten Attacks in a day; the Migrants in Germany 2016

Pyromania attacks on the shades of refuges are now common in Germany. The interior said that about ten attacks per day were made on foreigners in 2016. In result of this brutality 560 people were harmed. One third of attacks were made on migrants outside their housings and 1000 attacks were inside their houses.

The decision of their chancellor for oppression of migrants has boosted up the hate crime in Germany.

Germany is striving for the accumulation of asylum requests because it has fear of security and terrorist attacks.

According to an observance in 2016 it is figured out that 3533 of the attacks were made on refugee’s hostels, 2.545 were on individual foreigners, and 988 of the attacks on housings and 217 attacks were made on organizations for asylum. A slight more than the attacks of 2015.

It is expected to feature this issue in parliamentary elections this year.

A statement was given that the individual injured category is new enlisted in 2016 and the interior minister strongly condemned this brutality. Statement also read that the people who ran away from their country and seeking shelter in Germany deserves safe shelter. It is reported:

  • 12 individual injured in December 2015 under fires broke out.
  • 170 people injured in January 2016 under live grenade thrown.
  • Some onlookers injured through fire in Bautzen and residential clash with migrants.

A foreigner crisis were raised last days who was a Syrian and struggled to become a German.

It was also reported that a Swedish refugee shade was hit by fire.

A person from Die Linke party gave a statement that government was too attentive in grasping the security threat from foreigners while the real danger is from other side.

“The evil people are threatening migrants and for that reason our democracy is threatened”.