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Thousands of Migrants Rescued off Libya

Thousands of Migrants Rescued off Libya

Rescue of 6, 500 migrants took place in Libya and according to the coastguard of Italy; the biggest operations were its kind in date.

About 40 missions were rescued in co – ordination which is about 12 miles or 20 km away from Libyan town of Sabratha.

Migrants were shown in a video footage declared from Somalia and Eritrea who were cheering and did swimming so that vessels may be rescued and the babies abroad.

1, 100 migrants were there on Sunday in that area and rescued.

Libya from this country was made instable for the people who were doing this trafficking.

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The operations took place on Monday were vessels from the Italy as the agency of US border in Frontex, Medecins Sans Frontiers ( MSF ) and the Proactive Open Arms.

Unseaworthy and overcrowded vessels were set off by the migrants with the fuel which is enough to reach the rescue according to AP report.