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Top 10 Best Halloween Costume in the World

By going back in 2007, we can see the roundup of favorite Halloween costumes every year. While looking for an idea of costume, some of the best Halloween costumes can be seen here in the list as below:

Top 10 Best Halloween Costume in the World

1. Sputnik 2

Sputnik 2

The costume which was recreated in the Sputnik 2 was the flicker used by vietnamted and it was put together in 2010. The spaceship of soviet took the dog was taken to Laika in the space. This laika is abroad and it was ready to lift off. It survived the whole mission and the costume was seen at many different angles in the flicker.

2. Yip Yips

Yip Yips

The street of Sesame is the famous alien and this Yip Yips appear in twos which shows this costume as to be worn with the buddy. Two people are taken to fit in it properly according to the intractable. It helps each one of them to get into a great costume.

3. Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

The intractable members of dannyeurena turn the cardboard, hot glue and duct tape in a satisfactory and authentic costume of Optimus Prime. It was comfortable to dance in according to the accompanying video.

4. Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her

The costume of Evan Booth for Halloween was seemed in 2006 to be nondescript dude in the wig which looked at the gaping hole in this midsection. It was accomplished by the back of camera in the shirt which recorded the background in 2008 and the artist Nicole Magne was with this idea for the recreation of costume from the scene of a movie which was “Death Becomes Her” and it was the Goldie Hawn which had a hole in the body. The process of creation was in detail for the blog. The intractable version is in stock in case you want to try this.

5. Hovering Boba Fett

Hovering Boba Fett

The member of Linkfilter considered the costume of Rocketeer which was hit by an idea of the Boba Fett Hovering on the column of Flame. Boba Fett was purchased by the costume of homemade jetpack and it converts it with the low flame of column. This column was flown with the legs to be hidden in flame. It wears the platform shoes to be rolled with blades which make him for few inches taller.

6. Helmet Cat

Helmet Cat

Alida Saxon is the user of flicker which puts Helmet cat costume at the last minute. This helmet si the painted green ball of helmet and this fur was salvaged from the stuffed toy and it was made favorite in the mem of internet in to the costume of Halloween. These folks were half with the encounter in the laugh and the other half was scratched with the wonder and heads.

7. The Wild Things

The Wild Things

Five friends are dressed in a group who have are the monsters and also they have a Max from the Sendak’s book of Maurice where the wild things are in 2008 for Halloween. The member of Craftster sjeanette made this Mache papier which headed to the monsters. The glow of eyes in the dark can’t be told that how to see while wearing such things. It is to be assumed that they make an impression of it.

8. Mega Man

Mega Man

Kevin was made a costume of Mega Man for about 3 year old son in the back years of Halloween. It was made awesome by the Mega Buster with the working lights and the fashion was authentic from the helmet of a bike.

9. Bender


Chris Miller was made in this costume back in 2005. The eyes were moved to control his hands and he was working as a finalist in the contest of a costume which could not be imagined to beat this.

10. Emoticon


The emoticon mask was hiding in the face which displayed the emoticons instead of it. The helmet was created by the Digital Media Design Dept. at the University of Hongik in Korea. Different emoticons show different things which are controlled by the actions of the body by the wearer. Original websites are designed for the video and specifications.