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Top 10 Best Tea Brands in the World

The following article is containing a list providing you knowledge about the top 10 best tea brands in the world. No one denies this that the tea is basically the most pre-owned beverage throughout the world. In certain countries, tea is the basic drink that is used many times in a single day. Like in Asian countries, the usage of tea is quite much more. There are numerous brands many of them are international and a few are local brands that are preparing tea and making it available all around the world. People are devoted towards a few particular tea brands and generally give them more preference while buying tea.

Top 10 Best Tea Brands in the World



Twinings tea brand is one of the number one and best tea brands in the world for manufacturing the good quality tea. The brand is associated with the English market and it belongs to English market and accomplishing their requirements aside from. The British food organization is the owner of it. The company logo is quite outdated and working with it for quite some time. It’s doing work in this industry from 1706 that is astonishing and it is the oldest and widely known tea manufacturer in the world. Furthermore, it comes with different kinds of tea which can be obtained everywhere in the world.



This is an American tea brand which is regarded as one of the best tea brands in the world. This Celestial Seasonings herbal tea is generally accepted as the number one tea of this brand. The finest tea of the Celestial brand is the herbal tea which is very renowned. The brand also comes with a variety of flavors such as green tea black tea, as well as white tea are pretty much consumed and appreciated by the tea fanatics. The brand headquartered in Boulder, America, and Colorado. Being a widely known tea brand this brand earns an annually based amount of around $100,000,000 just by its annual tea sales.

3). TAZO:


Tazo is a quite renowned tea brand and also one of the best tea brands in the world. This brand manufactures herbal tea as well as the simple tea. The Tazo brand commenced its work in the area of tea in the Portland. However, at this time it is owned by Starbucks and acquired a very well reputed and renowned position in the marketplace. Small tea bags of this brand can be obtained from the market and they are created for the people who make use of the tea in little quantity tea. The brand is recognized worldwide for selling the best quality tea.



Harney & Sons is an American based tea manufacturing organization that was established in the year 1983. The brand manufactures the simple tea and the herbal tea as well for tea lovers and for fulfilling the requirements of their customers it is regarded as one of the best tea brands in the world. The manufacture some of their tea bags that cost a quite much but of the very excellent quality. The company markets their tea to all the primary hotels as well as the shops and many others. In 2009 the brand was nominated as being the number one tea in the world. The packing of this tea is very nice as it comes in a box made of metal.



It is a personalized company which is purchased by an American based organization.  It makes use of all-natural goods for the manufacturing of tea and it can be purchased everywhere in the world. It also provides loose tea as well as tea bags. The awesome actuality relating to this brand is that it had been the earliest one to present a variety of flavors of tea such as red tea, white tea, and much more. This brand was making wine as well as a variety of refreshments in past times, although then it commenced creating tea aside from. It established to exert effort in the area of tea in the year 1992, and their specialization is tea likewise.



Dilmah is in simple terms a brand name is Ceylon Tea that is well known all around the world and considered as one of the best tea brands. This organization began to function in the area of making beverage in the year 1974. The brand name was selected by its owner. This brand is in the markets in nearly well over 92 countries around the world through which all top countries are likewise incorporated in Turkey, United Kingdom, and numerous others. This brand generally commenced its refreshment from the Sri Lanka than with the passage of time it was distributed throughout the world. It also offers a variety of flavors and all of their products are of best qualities.



Lipton is a Unilever tea brand. Unilever is the rather renowned manufacturing organization, and almost everybody is completely aware of its name. It is associated with developing of the majority of the products which are utilized in the entire world. It was initially originated from UK right after which the brand was presented throughout the world. From then on, the organization began to give attention to their tea brand and made an effort to improve their brand more. The brand name was retained due to its inventor Thomas Lipton. It is the oldest brand and is doing work in tea field from last 125 years.



It is primarily renowned in the entire world because of the name Bigelow Tea organization. It’s an American business. It’s actually a family operated company and still working in the same field. It is offering their products in numerous varieties which include tea varieties such as the black tea and the green, as well as herbal tea and a great many others. The brand also purchases its very own tea plantation which is located in the South Carolina. It is a confidentially purchased and operated company although it continues to generate countless revenues like it generated an amount of nearly $90 million dollars in the year 2009 and it really is incredible for a personalized brand. They’re a lot more popular because they do not make use of any spices in their tea items.



It’s the really widely known black tea that’s produced by Bettys and also Taylors of Harrogate. The brand did start to make tea in the year 1886. During that time, Yorkshire tea had been marketed by Taylors however, then it got bought by the Bettys. It, not just manufacturers and markets tea but also it produces coffee in addition. It’s among the list of some family producers of tea as well as coffee in the entire country and one of the best tea brands in the world. It offers different kinds of tea, and they come in different names in order to differentiate them such as luxurious mix gold tea, original tea, Yorkshire seasonal and solid water likewise.

10). TETLEY:


Tetley brand is a British production organization and also regarded as the second biggest supplier of tea in the entire world and also regarded as one of the best tea brands. They distribute their tea products in practically well over 40 countries. It also comes with a variety of flavors of tea bags which are of nearly 60 distinctive tastes. It’s the greatest organization as part of UK. It’s the too operated subsidiary of the recognized organization Tata Tea. The Tata Group bought this brand in the year 2000 and after that, it has been combined with the Tata tea in the year 2006. The Tata tea brand is currently quite popular in the entire world and it is the second greatest producer of tea after the renowned company Unilever.