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Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World

World is not advancing with every passing day but this new day brings too much pollution in the environment because of the extracts of carbon from transport and industries raise. Due to this, world faces the greenhouse effects and it becomes a fatal issue for the life of human. There are many countries which take many steps to control the rise of rapidly increasing problems. Some of the nations are considered to be conscious about their environment and the nations manage to reduce the pollution and this is how they become the cleanest countries in the world.

Much population is reduced with the clean and neater atmosphere and the nations become safe from the disorders of health. The particular nation is occupant and plays a major role in keeping the country neat and clean with their cooperation and government makes these the cleanest countries in the world. Discipline is maintained in the countries to keep them clean and the best countries. The maturity level of the country is seen through the cleanliness of the country and the ranks are prepared to assume the pollution rate, carbon emissions, sanitation, forest protection and habitat protection with the estimates of 2014.

Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World

10) Norway


Norway is recognized overall the world which is considered to be the richest country and has the most powerful economy. It is the coolest nation on earth and it stands best in the list of the cleanest countries in the world. It ranks at 10th in this list. While looking for the regions to get settled in Norway then the best destinations must be chosen and it estimates to about 78.04. Environment performance index is used to measure this.

9) Sweden


 Scandinavia Peninsula is another part of the world which falls in the cleanest nation on the planet and it stands at 9th in this ranking. When we talk about the happiest and cleanest nations of the world then this fact cannot be denied. With the peaceful people and delightful atmosphere, this is considered to be the best place where you can get settle in. the expectancy rate of average life in Sweden is higher than the other countries which are developing around the whole world.

8) Austria


With the EPI score which is 78.32, Austria has the 8th spot in this list. It is famous as the Republic of Austria which is a European country and is positioned in the central Europe. It is home to about 8.5 million people which is the nearest and most peaceful country in the world. The best healthcare systems are in this historical place which grabs the attention of clean environment and it has main features which makes this planet an ideal region.

7) Spain


With the EPI score of 79.9, it ranks at the 7th cleanest country in the world and it is none other than Spain which is also admitted officially as the Kingdom of Spain and this region is also placed at the continent of Europe. The capital city and largest of Spain is Madrid. It has too many historical insights, lowest pollution rates and natural heritages which are the main Spain features. It has high expectancy rate of residents.

6) Germany


Germany gains EPI index during 2014 and it ranks at 6th in the ranking list. The people of Germany are conscious about the neatness of its surroundings and according to its outcome, most peaceful nations are present on this planet. Its environment is sensational and it provides a great sustainability rate of the natural scenes.

5) Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Many European countries take part in the list of the cleanest countries in the world. It is the landlocked nation which is positioned in the Central Europe. It is enclosed by Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Poland. The rural and urban living is clean and it is given the fifth spot in this nation. Czech Republic has the long tradition of science which makes this country able to hold the disorders of health and also it reduces the countryside pollution.

4) Singapore


If you are searching for an ideal and beautiful destination then go for this planet where the economy is powerful and it boasts all the qualities and Singapore stands among the top spots of the cleanest countries in the world. This is the richest nation as well and it disciplines environment and the people. Temperature always remains stable for whole year. This is a powerful nation and strengthens the economy of the country.

3) Australia


Australia is the most expensive and richest country to live in. it has EPI score index as 82.4. it ranks at third in the rankings and it has got the title of the nation who have the happiest people. The average life expectancy is about 85 years. There are many natural resources and also clean roads which denote the peace in nation and also the cleanest nation in the world. It is the nonviolent and forthcoming nation and it can be a very good place to live in.

2) Luxembourg


There are about 5 million occupants who live in an ideal life in Luxembourg and it is the second most favorite spot which is among the cleanest countries in the world. It is also one of the richest countries. It has so many monuments of ancient times and also major features which have the cleanest environment. It is also the happiest nation and has very low rates of crime. It reduces rates of pollution for an ideal nation and welcome people.

1) Switzerland


Switzerland is a paradise on Earth and it is no doubt a clean nation and among the cleanest countries in the world. It grabs the attention of people with happiest people, natural scenes, powerful and stable economy and best living style. It has high expectancy rate to make features and they are able to hold the collection of cleanest countries in the world. It is a great economic country which has an estimated GDP as $ 55, 237 and it is among the richest nations on the planet. It has diverse mountain peaks which gain too much attraction of tourists. It generates high rate of income and it is the best place to get your children grow up.