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Top 10 expensive and exclusive brands of Ladies bags

Top 10 expensive and exclusive brands of Ladies bags

A few ladies are keen on outfits however some other might keen on extravagant footwear and delightful accessories however, some females need all things in their life so much best and stylish that is why they purchase special brands of everything to look best or spectacular among everyone. But here we are presenting you top 10 brands of ladies handbags that plays crucial role to enhance the style of a lady.

Handbags are the fashion icon for every women. They are regarded as being the crucial aspects of women lifestyle. Handbags complete a woman style that is why many ladies buy maching handbags with their dresses. There are so many brands that offers numerous luxurious, elegant and expensive handbangs for women.

1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Founder: Louis Vuitton

CEO: Michael Burke

Established: 1854, Paris, France

Main Headquarters: Paris, France

Number of locations: 3,708

Parent organization: LVMH

Desinger: Karl Lagerfeld

Cost of handbags: $ 55000

Louis  Vuittonusually manufactures the most expensive brands and it is one of them. This was first launched in the year 1854 so it can be stated that it is the oldest brand too. They utilize 15 different kinds of materials to create these bags. Every single women would like to purchase their Fashionable branded purses.

2. Mouawad


Founder: Fred Mouawad

CEO: Fred Mouawad

Established: 1890, Geneva, Switzerland

Main Headquarters:  Geneva, Dubai

Number of locations: worldwide locatons

Desingers: Alain Mouawad, Fred Mouawad and Pascal Mouawad

Cost of handbags: $ 3.8 Million

It is a well known band for making timepieces and precious jewelry. This brand was first launched in 1891. Its handbags are extremely good and high in quality. The headquarters of this brand is situated in Dubai. This company made some of their handbags using gold and diamonds. The cost of their bags starts from $3.7 milllion. Women love to have them due to their stylish appearance.

3. Hermes

Founder: Thierry Hermès

CEO: Axel Dumas

Established: 1837, Paris, France

Main Headquarters:  Paris, France

Number of locations: worldwide locatons

Desingers: Pierre-Alexis Dumas,  Mireille Maury,  Axel Dumas  Emile Hermès SARL

Cost of handbags: $ 120000

This organization is popular for making the most fashionable bags. They offer them in numerous eye-catching colors. This company manufacturing these bags by utilizing top quality leather.  This top-quality fashion company is famous for its other leather products, fashion accessories and lavish items that makes this brand famous and the best selling brand of handbags in all around the world.

They manufactured all of their items with appropriate care and all of these items are marvelous and beautiful. These bags are extremely fashionable and women love to have them no matter how expensive they are.

4. Christian Dior

Founder: Christian Dior

CEO: Sidney Toledano

Established: 1946, Paris, France

Main Headquarters:  30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France

Number of locations: 210

Desingers: Kris Van Assche, Victoire de Castellane

Cost of handbags: $ 3100.00

Christian Dior is usually called as the renowned name Dior. This organization was first established in 1946. This is the oldest and well known company as their bags are hand-made and the designs that gives these bags an elegant look are also hand-crafted and furthermore the hardwares they use to fixed these bags are either made of gold or silver. They provides the most elegant hangbags which are costly as well. This company made high-quality bags. Their collection of elegant handbags is the most demanded one in the market.

5. Burberry

Founder: Thomas Burberry

CEO: Christopher Bailey

Established: 1856, Basingstoke, England

Main Headquarters:  London, England

Number of locations: 498

Desinger: Christopher Bailey

Cost of handbags: $ 495.00

It the most wanted brand in British an well knowns for its outstanding innovations, duluxe fashion items, makeup accessories, outwear, bags and much more. It is one of the costly and oldest brand in the marketplace. This brand offer luxurious handbags and have importance as significant female accessory. Yearly, burberry establish a variety of handbags in the market. Many actors, singers or other famous personalities buy their bags beacuse of which this company has their branches and outlets all around the world.

6. Fendi

Founder: Agha Manouchehr

CEO: Christopher Bailey

Established: 1925, Rome, Italy

Main Headquarters:  Rome, Italy

Number of locations: 197

Desingers: Karl Lagerfeld, Silvia Venturini Fendi

Cost of handbags: $ 28000

Fendi is an Italian Fashion- House was first launched in 1925 by Adele Fendi and Edoardo. It is famous for its various collections of Fashion items such as perfumes, leather products, sunglasses and clothing. The brand creates various kinds of stunning handbags. Women fell in love with their looks. They manufactured bags of numeous designs and trends. You will aslo find some tradition-trend handbags in this brand. It is one of the most demanding brand in the world not only beacuse of handbags but also for other accessories.

7. Channel

Founder: Coco Channel

CEO: Maureen Chiquet

Established: 1909, Paris, France,

Main Headquarters:  135 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex, Paris, France,

Number of locations: 310

Desinger: Karl Lagerfeld

Cost of handbags: $ 261000

Chanel is yet another trustworthy as well as extensively popular organization concerning fashion lovers. The brand was always been encouraged by many famous personalities and celebrities. The company was established in 1909 by Coco Channel. Their handbags have exclusive importance in the marketpalce.

They also offer eyewears,make-up accessories as well as perfumes and other fashion items. Some of their handbags are designed using top quality crystals, which makes them more fashionable and provides them more stylish look. They offer various styles,colors and shapes of purses that draws attention of many females.

8. Prada

Founder: Mario Prada

CEO: Costantino Ruspoli

Established: 1913, Milan, Italy

Main Headquarters:  Milan, Italy

Number of locations: 618

Desinger: Miuccia Prada

Cost of handbags: $ 3649

Prada is an Italian Fashion house that was launched in 1913 by Mario Prada & Martino Prada. It offers plenty of accesories such as fragrances, shoes, watches, leather clothing, sunglasses and other fashion items worldwide and are known for oferring the most elegant recommendations for handbags.

It provides a vast range of selections and top quality products and always come up with most expensive, elegant and trendy handbags which makes this brand the most recommended one amoung women.

9. Marc Jacobs

Founder: Marc Jacobs, Robert Duffy

CEO: Marc Jacobs

Established: 1984, Paris, France

Main Headquarters:  Paris, France

Desinger: Marc Jacobs

Cost of handbags: $ 50000

Marc jacob is a name of designer who belongs to US and the brand was first introduced in 1984. He has 200 retail outlet in almost 80 countries. This brand name is more popular amoung the ladies who are fond in new styles and fashion. The main luxurious items of this brands includes perfumes, watches and purses.

Their handbags are fashion icon and provides an entire elegant look. It considered to be as one of the best delling brand worldwide. Marc Jacobs usually  accompany everlasting style in vintage-prompted trend with versatile and idiosyncratic handbags providing it a top-quality reputation within its product choices.

10. Lana Marks

Founder: Lana Marks

CEO: Lana Marks

Main Headquarters:  645 Madison Avenue- New York , 238 Worth Avenue-Palm Beach, 465 North Rodeo Drive-Beverly Hills

Desinger: Lana Marks

Residency: Palm Beach, Florida

Cost of handbags: $ 100000

Lana Marks is a well known brand worldwide. It is famous for its leather productions. The brand is popular for presenting the most fashionable and expensive items in the market specially the handbags that can be obtainable in 150 various colours and styles. The company manufactured its most expensive bag that called as Cleopatra clutch, and it was designed by using 1500 flawless diamonds and set a record for being the most costly handbag in the world. Many well-known superstars such as Angelina Jolie , Kate Winslet and many others are noticed in carrying their handbags.