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Top 10 Famous Magicians in the world

Supernatural are obsessed with humans which includes magic. Some people become able to build up their career for them and become famous in world and rich as well. Some of the top ten great magicians of all time include

Top 10 Famous Magicians

10) Soul Mystique

top 10 Famous magicians

It is the least known act in such a list which is a quick change act at the Soul mystique which revives the recognition. Top 10 magicians are named under this by the world through Fox Bio Channel in 2008. They were invited to perform the closing act of the event. Roy and Siegfried were presented a tribute at the Palladium London. The fame of this duo was famed on the Australia’s Got Talent show. They finished their Grand Finale in 2007 and came as a second Runner Up in 2012.

9) Dante


Harry August Jansen is famous as Dante the Magician and he became too much influential after his death in 1955 which came to an end with the call of historians who are the “Golden Age of Magic”. Dante took a tour to the whole world which performed magic with the troupe in between 25 and 40 performers. They became famous with the nonsense words of Danish “Sim Sala Bim” and it was taken from a song of a child. He was famous for being the greatest magician at this time in the world.

8) Harry Blackstone Sr.

Harry Blackstone Sr.

Harry Blackstone Sr. is a famous person who performed in the United States Organization Inc. whiles the Second World War. Some tricks of today are made famous with the Blackstone Sr. “Sawing Woman in Half” and it was argued with the famous trick. This was cut with the lumber and it was cut with the help of a woman who rise up with the unharmed afterward. Harry Blackstone is his son who has become a famous magician now and started from the shows of his father.

7) Jean Eugene Robert Houdin

Jean Eugene Robert Houdin

A French magician from 19th century, Jean Eugene Robert Houdin is famous as the modern style magic father. He performs modern magic. Harry Houdin idolizes the magicians and stage name is chosen with was the honor of inspiration. Robert Houdin is the famous trick which is called as Second Sight. He walks through the audience by touching few random things. An assistant was blindfolded to describe each and everything in detail. Emile had her own description of the trick by taking a sip of water and Robert read this with the mind of audience member by his son and this liquid was revealed.

6) David Blaine

David Blaine

David Blaine was a well – known celebrity in the late 90s with his show. His show was different to show the street magic and the ultra – cools style of Blaine all over his tricks. He was made an endurance artist for him and he was buried alive for a whole week and he was also frozen for 63 hours in an ice block. He was standing there for about 100 ft. high pillar and with no harness in 35 hours. There were 44 days in that glass box which contained no nutrients and food and a spun in the gyroscope for about 16 hours. He was Hund upside down in 60 hours. He was recently spending his time in an experiment of 72 hours of electricity discharge.

5) Siegfried & Roy

Siegfried & Roy

Siegfried is a German magician and also a trainer who has immigrated to U.S and their talents have been combined to create a magic by featuring lions and tigers. From the time 1990 and then in 2003, The Mirage in Las Vegas was shown to regard most visited show. In 2003, Horn got bitten by a tiger who was the most powerful one and his neck got broken down while he was performing at the set. He got blood loss in large quantity and his skull was a quarter removed while doctors were trying to save the lives of people. He walked and talked again in 2006. The show was canceled by Mirage in meantime and this duo was announced officially after he got retired in 2010.

4) Criss Angel

Criss Angel

Cristopher Nicholas Sarantakos is known to the scene of magic. Mind freak, Criss Angel premiered in A & E Network in 2005. It was on air till 2010 and it had six total seasons before that crowd in Las Vegas which cut him in half and while him was walking on water. Angel gained fame with the edgy personality and many tricks were levitated. Illusion tricks were performed in 2008 by Criss Angel which was believed to have a partnership with the Cirque Soleil.

3) Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller

Raymond Teller and Penn Jillete are a duo which is famous in Teller and Penn in the late 80s. They have humorous magic which fascinate the audience and he is attracting his audience from the past few decades. In the recent times, he has moved him to the television show where the pseudoscience was debunked. Some important aspects were shown to the audience with the help of balls and cups and this show was done correctly. A complex form of trick is performed with the help of transparent cups and to know the way of trick to be done. Teller doesn’t speak during all these kind of tricks and they subject to violence like they get dropped over the spikes and an 18 wheeler or submerge in a tank.

2) Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini was active in the late 1800s and in the early 1900s and became a famous magician to escape through an escape artist. He got fame by the tour of Europe and asked many different people of police to lock him up in the stop. He escaped through a straitjacket and hanged him in the skyscraper. This straitjacket was underwater. He was buried alive and reported about his survival. Charges were for the escape of Houdini and were fake as well for the magicians who attacked in his whole career. The death circumstances were in 1926 and proved to be dramatic with a famous story which says about the college student to ask Houdini if the stomach is alright and it could stand up with a punch. He died a few days after his peritonitis from the reputed appendix which was ruptured.

1) David Copperfield

David Copperfield

The illusions of David Copperfield had a career which allowed him to become the most entertainers and successful one in the history. He was heading over the show at the age 19 and showed a large hotel in Hawaii, Honolulu. He was contacted in 1977 by ABC and presented a magic. He presented a special kind of magic which was made at the Statue of Liberty and disappeared by the float over the Grand Crayon and he walked through the Great Wall of China. At age 56, many shows are still presented by him in a week. He has proved to be the best magician at this age and combined tricks which showed tricks for the story tellers.