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Top 10 Famous Swords & Their History

Top 10 Famous Swords & Their History

First sword was presented in the Bronze Age. It was uncovered and made of copper material at the site of Harappan in the current day of Pakistan. In the Middle ages of steel sword and iron, it was produced in mass quantity and they are also used in battles. Swordsmanship trained these soldiers and combat was prepared with it. It was the era when guns were highly powdered artillery and they used to fight face to face as a norm. In this time of history, all these generals of royals, emperors and kings owned some personal swords as well. This article is about the examination of swords which are world famous and survive as well. Legendary and mythological swords are not listed in here.

Top 10 Famous Swords & Their History

10) Tomoyuki Yamashita Sword

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Tomoyuki Yamashita is the Imperial Japanese Army in the World War II. He is famous for conquering the colonies of British in Singapore and Malaya. They have nicknames as “Tiger of Malaya”. The world war ends with the try of Yamashita and they tried for the crimes related to the Massacre of Manila and some atrocities in the Singapore and Philippine. This trial was controversial and ended with a sentence of death in the Yamashita Tomoyuki.

In this career of military, he owned a personal sword of Tomoyuki Yamashita which had a blade on it and was manufactured by the sword which was famous with Kanenaga and it was sometimes in between 1640 and then in 1680.

9) Curved Saber Of San Martin

Curved Saber Of San Martin

Jose De San Martin was a well – known general who lived in the time from 1778 – 1850. He was the leader of the struggle of South America in Spain. San Martin is the hero of South America and he was the first protector of Peru. With the lead of San Martin lead, independence of Peruvian was announced in 1821 on July 28.

San Martin named this word as “The Saber that has escorted me the whole time in South America in War of Independence”. This weapon was sent to National Museum in 1896 and it is still in here. The sword was stolen in 1960 which was spent on these two occasions and the operators of museum caused a screened gazebo in protection of this artifact.

8) Seven Branched Sword

Seven Branched Sword

The Baekie Dynasty is a kingdom which is positi ch was created as a praise sign. oned in southwest region of Korea. This is the peak of 14th century which has controlled all the colonies and they are in the western China in Korean Peninsula. They are the three Kingdoms which are paid with tribute to the Silla and Goguryeo. Baekie was the King of Geunchogo paid tribute to the Jin of East and believed its Seven Branched Sword whi

This Seven Branched sword has much kind of statements which involves a controversial phase in the enfeoded lord and describes about the King of Wa which is subservient in the Baekie ruler.

7) Wallace Sword

Wallace Sword

William Wallace is a knight from Scotland who lived about few years from 1272 to 1305. He is famous for the resistance that leads against England in the Scottish wars of independence. Hey were waged in the 13th century and then in 14th century. In his lifetime, Wallace worked as a scientist and chose his profession as sword fighting.

After the William Wallace execution, governor of Sir John De Menteith received a sword which was in the Castle of Dumbarton. King James paid the entire sum for these shillings in 1505. The belts were saved for the dried skin for the Cressingham of Hugh and he worked as an English Commander.

6) Tizona Sword

Tizona Sword

El Cid is a person who was born in 1040 in Vivar and he had a small town which was about six miles away from the Burgos at north. It was the capital of Castile. It was medieval empire of Iberian Peninsula. In his entire lifetime, he was known as the successful leader of military. He was the biggest asset for them in fight of these swords in this lifetime.

5) Napoleon’s Sword

Napoleon’s Sword

Napoleon Bonaparte became a political and military leader in 1799. After five years, this Senate of France was proclaimed to be an emperor. In the very first decade, 19th century was engaged with the French Empire and they had a conflict with the position which is dominant. Napoleons are regarded by the history to show the history of the Russian invasion. Invasion of Russian market was dominated by the continental Europe.

Napoleon battlefield was carried out with a pistol or a sword. He has got a large collection of the artillery and arms. He has got weapons which include the best kind of materials. He is auctioned for the France in about $ 6.4 million. This sword had been a part of Napoleon battle.

4) Sword of Mercy

Sword of Mercy

Sword of mercy is well – known for the belongings to Edward Confessor. Edward is the confessor who is the last Anglo Saxon king of England and they conquest Norman in 1066. He has ruled this country for power gained in England. After that, this death of Confessor in Edward began with Normans and further led by William who is the best conqueror. This sword has a broken blade in it which makes it in square and cuts it off again for the merciful gesture. It helps in preventing wrongful killing.

This sword of mercy is the crown of the jewels of the United Kingdom which is the sword used for the coronation of monarch of British. It has mythological history behind it.

3) Zulfiqar Scimitar

Zulfiqar Scimitar

Zulfiqar is a sword of ancient time by the leader who was Islamic and Ali was his cousin and Prophet’s son in law. He used this sword in the name of Islam. This is a famous sword which is being used by the Islamic leaders and has been a symbol of peace.

2) Honjo Masamune

Honjo Masamune

Masamune was a swordsmith of Japan who regarded this greatest metallurgist and the dates exactly for life were Masamune’s life which was not known and it was believed that it must work from 1288 to 1328. Swords were created which were known as daggers and tachi. Positivity was identified in all the weapons. Then in January, it was with the historic artifacts and it disappeared at the World War II at end.

1) Joyeuse


Charlemagne is a man who was born in 742 and he was known to be the greatest leader of that time and he has a strong history in this regard. He was known to be the founder of England and Charlemagne.

This sword disappeared in the legends of the historic documents. French kings knew it all very well and after the Charlemagne death, this sword was given to Louvre and then it was led to the French Empire.