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Top 10 Highest Paid Models In The World 2016

Top 10 Highest Paid Models In The World 2016

Fashion becomes the necessity of today’s modern world. People embrace new fashion to look more handsome, attractive and stunning. Modeling is not just walking on the ramp, it becomes something more than just displaying fashion. In modern times models are earning most of their money by not just ramp walk but also through appearing in advertisements, social media, and public events and also through sponsorships. The Fashion industry is really a financially rewarding and successful field if you do your great.

1. Gisele Bundchen

From: Brazil

Age:  36

Earned:  $44 million

Other Professions: Actor, Supermodel, Fashion Model, Television Producer

No doubt that Gisele Bundchen got so many talents. The model born on 20 July in the year 1980 in Três de Maio, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This supermodel got success and become famous since 90’s and not only in Brazil but she also becomes successful worldwide. Since the 2000s she is totally ruling the fashion industry. She began modeling in the 1990s and got her very 1st big opportunity by getting the modeling project in the fashion week which was held in New York. She grabbed another big offer from Victoria’s Secret in the year 2000. The reason for her success is that she grabbed every single opportunity which was coming in her way. She is also a television model as well as an actor. She played a character in Taxi and was nominated for the Awards for her performance. Due to her hard work and skills, she becomes the highly paid model of this era.

2: Doutzen Kroes

From: Eastermar,  (Netherlands)

Age:  31

Earned: $11 Million

Other Professions: Actor, Supermodel, Fashion Model

Doutzen Kroes is 2nd highest paid model in the world. When Doutzen Kroes came to New York City she was unaware of the Victoria’s Secret. She never thought about becoming a model but the Fashion industry warm welcomed her. In 2005 she was seen on the front cover page of Vogue Italia. 2013 was a great year for her as she was seen 9 times on the front cover page of Vogue. In 2008 she joined Victoria’s Secret they offered her the chance to work as an Angel and eventually she becomes the most featured model of Victoria’s Secret. The more she was appearing the more she was getting the success and fame.  Now she is working as a L’Oreal’s spokesperson since 5 years and has been earning million amount each yearly since almost a several years.

3. Adriana Lima:

From: Brazil

Age:  35

Earned: $9.2 Million

Other Professions: Actor, Supermodel, Fashion Model, Promotional Model

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model who is currently working as a veteran model for Victoria’s Secrets. She comes in the list of top most highly paid models in the world. She began her career in 1999 and signed her agreement with Elite Model Management. Afterward she worked for various brands as a model and walked for Miu Miu, Givenchy and Vera Wang. She was the representative of Maybelline products and keep working for them through 2003 to 2009. In the year 2008, she worked in the most viewed Super Bowl advertisement of Victoria’s Secrets. When she was just 15 years old she claimed the Ford Super Model contest and becomes the 2nd Ford Supermodel of Brazil. Due to her accomplishments, she becomes the 3rd most highly paid model.

4. Cara Delevingne

From: London, UK

Age:  24

Earned: $9 Million

Other Professions: Actor, Singer, Socialite, Fashion Model

She is undoubtedly the youngest model of them all. She got the most success in 2013 and 2014 from her acting career and from modeling profession she also obtained most attention from her fans on the instagram it was like her time. In the year 2011 on the occasion of London Fashion Week, she did her first ever catwalk. She proceeded her efforts for few years as being a runway model for Dolce & Gabbana and for Burberry Prorsum. The young girl also faces the times of stress and depression when she was a teenager. She started her acting career in 2013 and started giving more time to acting than her modeling profession. The model is blessed with beautiful attractive face and she is not only acquired the attention in the modeling industries but also in the press world. She appeared as a model in 4 International Fashion Weeks and have done 20 modeling shows. She is also playing a role as Enchantress in the 2016’s movie Suicide Squad.

5: Kate Moss

From: Croydon, (United Kingdom)

Age:  42

Earned: $9 Million

Other Professions: Actor, Singer, Socialite, Fashion Model, Philanthropist

She is an American Fashion model who was born 16 of January in the year 1974 and she is one of the most known models and even at being at the age of 42 she is earning a great amount of money.  When Kate Moss began her career she was just 14 years old and she was first observed by the Sarah Doukas in 1988 who is also the founder of the Storm Model Management. She obtained most of her success in the year 1990 and for giving her 25 years to the Fashion Industry she was also praised with an award in 2013 for the British Fashion. She is one of the earliest models who belong to England. Now it’s been 15 years that she is the recognizing confront of Rimmel and symbolizing the St Tropez. She is not just working as a model but also doing work on many musical contracts which makes her on of the highly paid models in the world.

6: Kate Upton

From: US

Age:  24

Earned: $7 Million

Other Professions: Actor, Fashion Model

Katherine Elizabeth who is known as Kate Upton is belonged to New York City and she was born on 10th of June 1992. She was appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and after that, she was called as Rookie. In the year 2012 she has been seen on the cover page of Said Magazine. And as a professional model, her career started in the year 2011 from the United States when she used to work with the IMG models. Despite of being new in the Fashion Industry she modeled some of the well-known brands includes Garage, Damien Haumpy and Bobby Brown. She was known as “The Woman of the summer” after appearing in Complex magazine and Esquire. She also appeared as an actress in Tower Heist released in 2011 and Other Woman released in 2014. In her initial career she worked for the Garage and Dooney & Bourke.

7: Miranda Kerr

From: Sydney, (Australia)

Age:  33

Earned: $7 Million

Other Professions: Super Model, Fashion Model

The model belongs to the list of highly paid models in the world. This Australian supermodel was born in the year 1983 on the 20th of April and started her modeling career at the age of 17. She not only obtained the attention because she is a model but because she is so adorable and attractive. She represented many Australian Brands and moved to US in 2004 and there she signed a contract with Maybelline. Like other models she also acquired most of her fame through working for Victoria’s Secret and represented her country on the top of market Store Chain. She is has also been seen in many endorsements of cosmetic products. Except her modeling profession she is also the writer of a book named as Treasure Yourself. She was also featured in Kanye West and Pharrell song videos. She also achieved awards from Impulsive Fragrances and Dolly Magazine.

8: Liu Wen

From: China

Age:  28

Earned: $7 Million

Other Professions: Super Model, Fashion Model

She is the first supermodel who belongs to China and was chosen by the Victoria’s Secret for the catwalk. She acquired the success in the year 2008 and becomes the 1st Chinese supermodel who then becomes the known confront of the Estee Launder. In her interview for Vogue she gave the credit of her success to her good timing when she was seen by many branded industries during catwalk and after that, they started paying more concern towards the Chinese marketplace. Due to her accomplishments, she becomes the highly paid model. In the year 2013, she acquired most attention and love from her fans and got a high number of followers to appreciate her work. She signed the contracts with many endorsement industries includes Calvin and Klein, Higo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel and much more.

9. Natalia Vodianova

From: Nizhny Novgorod, (Russia)

Age:  34

Earned: $7 Million

Other Professions: Actor, Super Model

The Russian model was born on the 28th of February in 1982. In the early life she was poor and used to sell fruits with her mother on the streets of Soviet Union and now she is as successful as the other famous models and belongs in the list of highly paid models. When she was 17 years old she obtained her big break and signed the contract with the Modeling Industry after signing the agreement she relocated to Paris to start her successful life by working in various modeling shows and has done many photo-shoots for the magazines.  She did the catwalk in 300 shows and the most famous photographers captured her. She signed many endorsement contracts with the well-known industries such as Calvin Klein, Lingerie, and Guerlain. She has done several movies and due to her exceptional acting, she is called as Supernova. She always been in the headlines for money status.

10: Alessandra Ambrosio

From: Brazil

Age:  35

Earned: $6.6 Million

Other Professions: Super Model, Fashion Model, Actor

The model belongs to Erechim and was born on the April, 11 in the year 1981. Alessandra Ambrosio joined the modeling training when she was at the age of 12 and she groomed in a moderate family and her parents had been of Polish ancestry and Italian. She signed the first modeling contract with Dilson Stein when she was 15 years old. Her first big break was from Brazil’s Elle. After that she has done many photo-shoots for different magazine agencies includes Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and GQ.  She is also listed as the sexiest woman in the world due to her attractive figure. She also launched various designs of swimwear in the year 2004 and those were named as Alessandra Ambrosio by Sais and obtained much profit out of this business. She has also been viewed on the TV shows that were Entourage and New Girl. She is also the Spokesperson for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.