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Top 10 List On The Best Special Forces In The World

Last Updated: October 12, 2017

Special Forces in the world

Special Forces  Country Name
1. British SAS & SBSUnited Kingdom
2. Delta ForceAmerica
3. US Navy SealsUSA
4. GSG9Italian
5. SSGPakistan
6. MARCOSIndia
7. EKO CobraIsrael
8. JTF2Canada
9. GIGNFrance
10. SASRAustralia

Special operations or Special Forces are the units of military who are trained extremely to perform all the unconventional insecure missions typically with the political nation. They maintain the economy of the world.

The origin of these Special Forces is years back in the early times of twentieth century to fight against the models which are set up by the help of German Branden burgers during the World War II. The Best Special Forces are ranked best in the overall world where the job is very tough. To rank the athlete best is different among the various parts of the world. It is the duty of every country to train their military. All these Special Forces always train their people to achieve the best from the whole world. After a lot of research, I have concluded the list should be in this order:

1. British SAS & SBS

British SAS & SBS

SAS is a special and most important Special force in the United Kingdom which is known best in the whole world and is also called as a Special Air Service. The force was founded in 1941 during the Second World War. It has a strong and best role in the destruction.

Territorial Army was merged in 1947 and then it was named as 21st Battalion in SAS Regiment. This country got recognition and fame while an attack in Iranian Embassy in London. It was recuing the Embassy and the people were divided in two different territorial regiments.

2. Delta Force

Delta Force

Delta force is a special one in America and it is ranked in the world as the number one in this country. The full name of this operational Detachment Delta Force and is normally famous as Delta Force. This force was officially created for the first time and was approved officially by the American authority in 1997 after the country was attacked for so many times.

This is considered to be one of the secretive and best forces which were founded as an officer of SAS. The forces were trained like SAS. Major and main tasks of the forces were to protect the defense of the country. It was strong in the special operation like terrorism and the dangerous operations because of the qualities it has and are considered to be the best forces in the whole world.

3. US Navy Seals

US Navy Seals

Navy Seals were known as the US Sea Navy and are Special Forces for the United States of America and are formed mainly while in the Second World War II. They are able to work with the land and in the Sea as well.

This force has mainly male members in it and they work as a warfare force of the United States and this force is also connected to the secretive division force in this country. They cooperate with each other in this war during the Vietnam and they continue to be seen in the wars like Iraq.

4. GSG9


GIS is a group in which all the elite people counter with the operations and also they focus on the terrorism and focus on the tactical response of the unit which is inside of the Italian Carabineer military police. This was created in 1978 by the Italian State Police to help the threat of terrorism which is growing rapidly. This unit is famous for the marksmanship which is very sharp. GIS is currently with about hundreds of soldiers and they operate in many countries and also they provide trainings.

5. SSG


SSG is an operation which has many Special Forces in the Pakistan Army. It is similar for the US Army Special Forces and the British Army forces SAS. This unit took place in 1956. It is famous as the “Maroon Beret” and this name is derived with the unique headgear. This SSG was considered to be the best special force of the world due to the bravery and courage. The president who is Russian and the army of Pakistan and Russia conquered the world. The extremists are found in excess in Pakistani cities, Afghanistan and western borders.


Joint IN and Russian VBSS team

MARCOS is a special operation with elite class and the units of Indian Navy. It was founded in the special operations like amphibious warfare, Counter proliferation, Asymmetric warfare, Personnel recovery, hostage rescue, Unconventional warfare, Special reconnaissance, Direct action and Counter Terrorism. This force is organized specially and equipped and trained completely for the conduct of special operations in the nautical environment.

7. EKO Cobra

EKO Cobra

EKO Cobra is a primary counter of terrorism in the tactical unit of special operations. It was founded in 1978 and was a response of the Israeli athletes and was at the Munich Olympics in 1972. The special tactical unit was involved in the counter terrorism. This unit has a low profile of the high speed involvement of the various operations in 1996. The counter terrorism of the EKO Cobra was an end to the hijacking of the plane which was still in air. The counter terrorist unit was trained in the world.

8. JTF2


Special Forces soldiers are with the Joint Task Force 2 who stand by and remain ready with the domestic threats of terror in Canada. It was founded in 1993, April 1. It took place when the armed forces were given responsibilities and also these were accepted by him as well due to the threat of the modern day. The event of this year was with the determined and sophisticated environment. It was destined to maintain the environment operationally. It continued on developing tactics, technologies and capabilities.



GIGN is a special operation which is a unit of the Armed Forces of France. This unit has been trained so that they could perform all the hostage and terrorist attacks to rescue the missions from France and from over the entire world. It was founded in 1971 in Munich massacre in the Games of Olympics. The main goal for this was to keep the attacks possible for the responses of future which were extremely violent. GIGN performed a permanent force which was well equipped and trained to tackle with such kind of major threats.In ranking of top 10 best special forcec in the world GIGN comes at number 9.

10. SASR ( Australian SAS )

SASR ( Australian SAS )

SASR personnel are highly trained and selected to act with discipline and discretion in all the situations which may have strategic and national consequences. These personnel work in small teams and in the extended periods of time without any kind of support.

SASR can trace the beginnings back in Australian Z special unit and with the help of Independent Commando companies which fights in the Second World War. The first special Air service company was the infantry of Australia which was raised in the Western Australia at the Campbell Barracks. This was expanded in the Service Company of the Special Air Service Regiment.