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Top 10 List of Expensive Clothing Brands in the world

Who on earth doesn’t want to look stylish and trendy? We all know that women are crazier about their looks and for this purpose, they follow those brands that are equally famous and providing high qualities and latest fashions. Not only women but also the men are really obsessed with brands and up-to-date fashions. Clothes are just all to complete your entire looks and personality. And if you are a brand and fashion lover then keep yourself update to top brands and their exceptional clothing items is important.

There are many brands that are producing beautiful clothing items but some of them are the top famous brands and they offer high quality, luxurious, and most expensive clothing brands and are famous in all over the world.  Here are listed top 10 list of such brands that are considered as the most popular and expensive clothing brands in the world.

1). GUCCI:


Gucci is an Italian brand and this clothing brand comes with the top-notch quality standard which makes it stand out among the world’s top most expensive clothing brands. Thinking about why it is too expensive? It is because it offers the top fashion and top design products besides just clothes for both genders. The brand is just not got its ranked as the number 1 by manufacturing clothing items but it also manufactures other articles such as handbags, ties, shoes, skirts, and other travel bags and all of them also lies as the expensive brands. The prices just feel right when you see the quality of their clothes as they are stylish and luxurious. It offers many competitors and yet it hasn’t been removed from the list of top 10’s.



The brand that comes 2nd in the list of expensive clothing brands because the demand for this brand is not decreasing but increasing more and more worldwide. It is because the give their customers a variety of options to select between their various other items. Not all of their clothing brands are of high priced as they have distinctive prices ranges and people love this brands as the clothes they made are always up-to-date and by all means comfortable and classy. They made and offer exclusive items and they’ve got their unique expressive styles and designs that managed the presence of this brand in the marketplace so forth. Young fashion followers love all of their products as it is the top known brand all over the world.

3). PRADA:


Another brand that is popular and manufactures the world’s expensive clothing brands. It’s an Italian firm and in all around the world, it’s considered as the important fashionable brand. The company is old as it started in 1913 and since then working in the industry of trendy clothing and other items as well. Their other products include leather handbags, perfumes, travel bags, shoes etc. but the reason of most of its fame is because of their fashion clothing. All young generation is just obsessed with this brand the reason is their attractive gorgeous designs grabs the attention of not only the youngsters but people of all ages. Their high priced clothes are just simple, enticing and luxurious.



The Italian best and great fashion house which is famous for its quality in all around the world. The brand was introduced in 1985 and well popular as D & G. they offer expensive clothing brands but the prices do not matter when it comes to the quality and material they use. Except for clothes, this brands has their other products as well that are equally famous such as shoes, beauty products, trendy sunglasses, and perfumes but most of all the fame come from the exceptional clothes. It’s a top selection of elites.



The founder of this brand is Giorgio Armani in 1975 and is popular with many names as Emporio Armani, Armani Junior, Armani Collezioni, Armani Exchange and many. The company is making the expensive clothing brands and it generating a revenue of well over $3 billion as it is providing its fashion clothing all around the world. It comes in the list of those brands that manufactures a great number of brands and it is the oldest popular brand of T-shirts and jeans that youngsters are obsessed about. Many top-notch fashion designers suggest the products of this brand especially the clothes and they have their outlets in almost all countries.



The fashion industry was founded by the designer Marc Jacobs in 1997. What makes this brand the most expensive clothing brand is seasonal modifications, plush designs, and renowned product sales are several top specifications of this brand. It is widely recognizable brand for offering fashion clothing and it is at present is not limited to just clothing but also manufacturing luxurious products such as the handbags, shoes, accessories and much more. They produce varieties of outerwear regarding all seasons. Greatest popular brand in over 80 countries having 200 suppliers.

7). DIOR:


Dior is Paris-based Company popular for its expensive clothing brands as they are exceptional, stylish and glamorous in all over the world. This company is serving in fashion clothing for a long time it was introduced in 1946 by the founder Christian Dior. Its popularity not only comes by clothes by for other products as well such as perfumes, watches, shoes, cosmetic products and other accessories. Being a preferable choice of high-level people its top priced products doesn’t bother much. Ladies are more obsessed with this brand as the reputation and worth of this brand is great.

8). GUESS:


There is no one who is not aware by the popularity of this brand as this is the famous brand in the world. The popularity comes from its high-quality items. The brand is American based and highly known for its production of denim jeans. The major strategy of this company which makes is stand out in expensive clothing brands list is, they target the enthusiasm of young generation for latest fashions and manufacture their clothes and other products according to their obsession. The fashion followers love their t-shirts and jeans clothing because they are trendy & cool as well as best casual wears.



The Italian fashion, Versace produces the updated styles for males and females equally. It’s extremely well-liked by fashion enthusiasts who’re all set to give whatever cost for advanced fashion and higher quality. This specific company has presented several different fashion products, making no room for other competitors. The majority of fashion designers, as well as artists, have suggested this brand as it is a seasonal clothing brand. It’s the best fashion and expensive clothing brands and also for other products for both genders. It’s not got its place for making designer furniture and cosmetic products.


Expensive Clothing Brands

The best-known brand worldwide for clothing. Valentino is the designer of this company and all of this company designs are elegant, luxurious and beautiful that can make everyone fell in love with this brand especially the women. This Italian brand got its popularity not only in Italy but also in other countries of the world. It offers its clothes with different price ranges which make it obtainable for not only elites but also for other brand lovers. Their evening clothing variety is just on top as it comes in stylish designs so the women who love to show off themselves as stunning and gorgeous follow this brand more intensively and lovingly.