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Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel in the World

Traveling is always very much liked by everyone and people like to travel around the world to visit the most beautiful places and also they stay in the most expensive hotel in the world. Hotels are liked by every person as travelling is done on chauffeurs and private jets. To feed someone is easy in this time as it travels the whole world and accommodation of few types is required in it. This place is required by everyone to stay and have some relaxing time in here.

The most expensive hotel in the world are listed as follows

10) Hotel Connaught

Hotel Connaught

Location: London

Per Night Rate: $ 23, 500

This apartment has a private butler and also it is designed menus by chef named Helene Darroze who was in Michelin. The wrap around the area of Mayfair overlooks the balcony which has a posh area as well.

An idea for top British blueblood is the place which is opulent and the site of interactive sessions counts out for the butler who flies to Paris and the guests return home for the ones who eat meal with their chef Michelin who had a secret door inside of it. This is one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

9) Hotel Cala Di Volpe

Hotel Cala Di Volpe

Location: Porto Cervo, Italy

Per Night Rate: $ 26, 000

Hotel Cala Di Volpe has a presidential suite in Italy which has a fitness area, private pool, solarium and about three bedrooms.

The three bedrooms are oversized shower and this has a dual vanity of Sardinian marble.

8) Shangri – La Bosphorus

Shangri – La Bosphorus

Location: Istanbul

Per Night Rate: $ 26, 385

The whole top floor is taken up with the overlook of Bosporus Strait and has a very beautiful appearance from entrance.

The embedded TV is in mirror of Bathroom and the room has about three terraces which makes it the most expensive hotel and has a mesmerizing view from the skyline of Istanbul.

7) Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental

Location: Shanghai

Per Night Rate: $ 26, 450

This hotel is positioned in the skyscraper – heavy and spectacular Pudong and the suite is best in the oriental Mandarin which is an apartment of two bedrooms which has a wine cellar and also a stagger on the view of 25th floor with the skyline of Shanghai.

There is a butter service which promises check in and check out for flexible sayings and you can enjoy the whole time in your hotel as it is among the most expensive hotel.

6) Hotel Plaza Athenee

Hotel Plaza Athenee

Location: Paris

Per Night Rate: $ 27, 000

This Royal Suite is the hotel room and the largest one which is about 450 sq. meters. It is the most expensive hotel which has been rented out with the loans.

This suite has televisions which are concealed behind the mirrors and all are embroidered with gold thread and also the largest part paid in this suit is all made of gold.

5) St. Regis Mauritius

St. Regis Mauritius

Location: Mauritius

Per Night Rate: $ 30, 000

St. Regis Villa is the largest villa which has islands in it and per night stay is very expensive here.

This villa has lounges and also bar, private chef and Jacuzzi. The list is best amenity on the far away site to specialize the discreet addressing of guests to fulfil needs.

4) St. Regis Saadiyat Island

St. Regis Saadiyat Island

Location: United Arab Emirates

Per Night Rate: $ 35, 000

St. Regis is a hotel in UAE and the largest one. It is composed of a private theater, butler service and two floors.

It has a games room, swimming pool room and also the bedroom is mastered with too much of bottom floors and the ocean as well which looks out to be very huge.

3) Grand Resort Lagonissi

Grand Resort Lagonissi

Location: Athens

Per Night Rate: $ 35, 000

Royal Vila plays a role with Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson who assume the occasions separately. Booze and cocaine is produced in a huge amount with the baths in steam and quarters in butler. It is among the most expensive hotel.

A private massage area, a private deck and a heated pool is also present in there which overlooks the beach.

2) Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martines

Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martines

Location: Cannes

Per Night Rate: $ 37, 500

Penthouse Suite is in Cannes at the Hotel Martinez which offers view of Bay Cannes and has about two bedrooms in king size.

It is also compared with the other sites in the list which uses the words gold leaf, luxury and opulence to cover the toilet seat in heated form. Wireless internet and a bathrobe are opened with it. Billionaires own this hotel and it is considered as the most expensive hotel.

1) Laucala Island Resort

Laucala Island Resort

Location: Fiji

Per Night Rate: $ 40, 000

A room can be booked which is applied for all the privileges to give as much amount of money as required to spend a whole luxurious day. This beach is wholly owned by the owner of Red Bull who as a billion dollar idea and has about 25 villas and also the panoramic views in the free massages and island.