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Top 10 Most Expensive Wood in the World

There are many forests worldwide that are nowadays utilized to get wood for producing a variety of material. Wood is required to create assorted artifacts such as furniture, adornment pieces, slides, doors, window, doors and much more. You can find several kinds of wood accessible worldwide that have distinctive values, and the most suitable are offered for the finest cost in the marketplace due to its appearance and sturdiness. Here are top 10 kinds of wood are listed that are the most expensive woods in the world.

Top 10 Most Expensive Wood in the World




Bocote got its first position in the list as being one of the top 10 most expensive wood in the world. It generally associated with the Cordia. Cordia is a flower kind of plant that can be found in borage family. There are almost 300 species of the trees and the shrubs. These trees and shrubs can be spotted all over the world, however, most of the time in hot areas. The vast demand for this wood and utilization also makes it the costly wood. This wood is used for several reasons such as its aromatic wood is used for fragrance and some them contains eatable fruits, and a few were utilized for creating glue.




Bubinga is one of the top 10 most expensive wood in the world and is also a flowering plant that belongs to Fabaceae Bubinga family. As being expensive this is also the world’s most valuable wood. It is usually spotted in the African region. It develops into the muddy places and also occasionally, in significantly flooded woodlands. It takes place close to the rivers or even lake shorelines as well. Many musical instruments are made of its wood and it is also utilized by many craftsman and artisans for making contemporary furniture’s, the reason is, it typically is available in assorted grain designs, having unusual patterns taking a lot of money.





This Dalbergia genus in the family Albertina. Albertina is recognized being a wonderful genus that ranges from the little to mid-sized trees, as well as the shrubs and the pea plant group, specifically, the Barefaced. This type includes extended dispersion which native to warm regions of the Central as well as the Southern America, and as well Africa, south of Asia and the Madagascar. Its wood contains aromatic oils for this it is used as fragrant wood and also for many decorative purposes. The most well-known and well using type of this wood is rosewood.  The wood is used for creating sports products, modern furniture’s, bridge piles, plywood’s and also the railroad ties.




Purple Heart as being the unique color wood gained its place in the top 10 most expensive wood in the world. Purple Heart is a class of 13 various types belongs to the warm and humid areas of Central as well as South America. Furthermore referred to as Amaranth and also purple wood generally discovered in America, Mexico, and Brazil. It’s the world’s toughest and stiffest wood. This wood is water resistant and incredibly long-lasting this is the main superiority of this wood that allows it to be higher priced. When it is freshly cut it shows the purple-brown color but after its dry out the color changes to deep eggplant purple, and as the time passes its gives the deeper brown color with a light tone of purple. There are multiple uses of Purple Heart wood, for example, it is utilized for making the boat, furniture, floor coverings, heavy building, and also in highlight parts.




“Tree of Life” is the actual meaning of Lignum Vitae and the growth of this tree is basically slow. The plant genus in the family Guaiacum Lignum, and it can be found in the Caribbean and the north shoreline of South America. The wood is used for various purposes such as it is used for creating heavy bails and cricket balls and much more. The color of this wood is naturally very deluxe and rich as having deep brown color. Because of the toughness, strength, and density of this wood, it is used worldwide which makes it one of the top 10 most expensive wood in the world.




This African wood is also well known by the name Red Ivory. It’s extensively cultivated in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Pink Ivory mainly utilized to create a number of items such as billiard cues as well as knife handles and furthermore useful for medicinal uses. The wood is special like diamonds because it shine improves after polishing and that’s what makes it the most expensive wood in the world. Pink Ivory is among world’s most high-priced wood and it is maintained and shielded by South Africa, the permission to cut the wood is limited.



PRICE: $10000 /Kg

The wood comes from a Diospyros tree and the color of this wood is pure black and is thick sufficient to drain in water. It is also referred to as Black Timber. The density of this wood is high but it is smooth and refined. The wood is used in the making of guitar pricks, pegs, piano, chinrests, cello fingerboards, double bass, violin, bow frogs, tailpieces, harpsichord keys and many other items. The usage of this wood is greatly durable and also it is insect protected and that is why it is among the top 10 most expensive wood in the world.



PRICE: $10000/Kg

The wood comes from the tree Aquilaria and is a dark heartwood. The existence of this wood is from 3000 years and natural oil is usually taken out of this. It features a special aroma and it is slowly getting no extant. The need of this wood is increasing progressively and that’s why it is really valuable. The wood is available in the form of small blocks in order to use conveniently. Agar wood offers plenty of qualities as well as items that have different qualities with regards to cultural deposition and geographical location.



PRICE: $20,000/kg

Sandalwood is extremely expensive and is associated with a type of aromatic wood. The wood genus in the family Santalum. Several natural oils are produced by this unique wood. It’s therefore too expensive and also worthwhile. The wood belongs to the mid-sized parasympathetic trees, and it is considerably thick, and yellowish, and has fine grains. This wood is different from other aromatic woods because it is able to hold its fragrance for several years. The wood is considered as one of the most expensive wood in the world as a result of its higher demand everywhere for the making of fragrant materials.


Most Expensive Wood in the World

PRICE: $ 10,000/kg

African Black wood is considered as one of the top 10 most expensive wood in the world because of its uses and demand. This can be an unusual type of wood that put to use for making various musical instruments. It’s often a unique type of wood and is now in danger to get extinct. The wood is recognized as the flowering plant and is normally based in the dry areas with spiny shoots and grey bark and can be spotted in Africa and as well in certain areas of South Africa. Because of its wide demand of usage place it in the high-priced category of wood everywhere in the world.