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Top 10 Most Visited Countries In The World

People are traveling from centuries. Tourism is creating an escalating portion of the worldwide economic system and creating 9% of GDP. There are some states which are the financial powerhouses and attracting millions of visitors to accomplish business locally. Traveling to international countries has become inexpensive than ever before. Therefore, at present more than ever before, people are traveling to many countries, usually. And it indicates that they will be going to stop in the future. Here is provided a list of top 10 most visited countries in which every country is ranked according to the number of visitors which makes them as the most visited country in the world.



It should definitely not astonish you that this effectively magnificent and captivating France is on top of the list as being the most visited country in the world. Although Paris has plenty to offer the travelers but there is a whole lot to check out over and above the capital. France is well known as the most romantic country all over the world. According to 2013’s calculations, almost 83 million tourists visit the France and most of them were the Japanese’s. As compared to the United States, France is receiving 10 million more visitors. There is no doubt that France is an awesome country to visit once in a lifetime. There are many places in France that attract most of the visitors such as the Palace of Versailles, Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysée Boulevard and not surprisingly French Riviera and St. Tropez. All these places are celebrity’s important hot spots.



Not surprisingly the United States gets its 1st place when we talk about the total revenue per visitor and it is the 2nd most visited country in the world. The words are not enough to describe the places you can explore in the United States. The USA includes a great deal to offer its visitors and with quite assorted activities in every state, it offers never ending opportunities. With more than 100.000 distinctive destinations such as the Grand Canyon, the White House, and the Empire State Building, these main attractions are enough to persuade you to pay a visit to the US when deciding on vacation plans. If you rave about quirky and fascinating things, the United States offers that too. A few of the strange places to see include the Voodoo-Enhanced cemetery in New Orleans, Iowa’s Albert, Texas’ 60-tonne Cathedral of Junk, or also the world’s greatest bull which is 30 ft. taller and has a weight of 45 tons. Apart from these places the wild night-life, the lavish hotels and the first rate restaurants resulted in the 69.8 million tourists in the year 2013.

3). SPAIN:


Almost 60.7 million tourists visit Spain every year that’s what makes it the most visited country in the world. Spain has a phenomenal tourism sector and has only 26% of unemployment rate. There are a lot of attractions that Spain offers such as the top attraction includes the running of the bulls, the popular festival of Spain’s called Pamplona Encierro and also the matador bull fights. As being the main trade center for Latin America, Spain draws millions of visitors from its former communities in Latin America. Spain makes 5% of GDP by its tourism industry as every single visitor spends $1,000 for every visit.

4). CHINA:


The world’s oldest ongoing society is as well among the list of speediest establishing countries and the most visited country in the world. There are certainly numerous great reasons to explore China. An amount of 56.9 million visitors were estimated this past year. Although China is a little bit comparable to Russia, to be a more intricate visitor attraction. China is the biggest exporter and the second biggest importer in the world, and undoubtedly China will spot significantly over 55.6 million visitors in the foreseeable future. China has a lot of astonishing attractions such as the Great Wall of China, the Huangguoshu Waterfall, the Shaolin Temple, the Fiver Sacred Mountains, the Three Gorges, the Forbidden City, and many other historically, ultimately and culturally attractions, China is by far the visited country in the world.

5). ITALY:


Italy is the most preferred and best destination for millions of visitors because of its stunning architecture as well as significant sites. In 2013 there were 47.7 million tourists were calculated.  Italy has many best attractions such as the Duomo of Pisa, The Leaning Tower and the Royal Palace of Caserta. Italy’s climate, dramatic and extensive coastlines, intense culinary culture, and number of archaeological attractions contributed to draw more visitors. Moreover it has around 100.000 commemorations for example galleries and museums, palaces, architecture, sculptures, fountains, church buildings, villas, art galleries as well as historical houses



Turkey’s city Istanbul is the main spot of contact amongst the 2 continents Middle East and the western civilizations also it is Europe’s biggest metropolitan area. In 2013 the recorded amount visitors was around 37.8 million which makes it the most visited country in the world. Turkey has many amazing attractions the most popular ones are the Blue Mosque, The Grand Bazaar as well as the Basilica Cistern. It has many luxurious beaches on the seaside locations you can pay a visit to them when you want to experience some pleasant time.



After the United States, Germany comes on the second place as an attraction of migrants. Germany is one of the most visited and also the most populated state in Europe. Germany incorporates a powerful background covering many thousands of years. A homeland of the Christian reclamation, Germany features stunning churches including those that in Berlin and Cologne and is actually a world front runner for trade, technologies, and counter culture. According to an estimated amount of 400 million visitors stayed in Germany overnight and in 2013 the estimated amount of 31.5 million visitors were recorded.



Even though the sundown on the British kingdom several years back, it has not yet pulled over the growth of British community throughout the world and also the United Kingdom for becoming the most visited country in the world with an estimated amount of 32.6 million tourists. London the financial power station of Europe and bring one half of these figures itself. Visitors interested in excitement more than the museums, fashion, and the entire heritage of London lead beyond towards tough tranquility of the Scottish Highlands, the mountains of Wales as well as the meadows.

(Having popular destinations such as the Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, and The British Museum which has had over 5.5 million visitors in 2012.)



Consuming more than one-eighth inhabitable property area of the Earth, Russia is undoubtedly the greatest state in the world and also the most visited country in the world with an estimated amount of 29.8 million visitors. The history of Russia is quite complicated, it was initially developed by the East Slavs that was overcome by the Mongols, and then Grand Duchy of Moscow reunited it. Russia is the 3 biggest empire of all time and comes on 9th rank as being the world’s most popular country. Russia has many amazing attractions such as the adrenaline-filled winter sports, the domed Orthodox Churches of St. Petersburg, the Black Sea shorelines, the Golden Ring of historical urban areas, longer travels on the popular Trans-Siberian Railway, cruises over the massive rivers such as the Volga, or Moscow’s Red Square having among the least temps to be -42.2 degrees Celsius.

10). MEXICO:


Mexico features a long historical past because the inventor of several cultures such as the Toltec, Olmec, Maya, Zapotec, and the Aztec. Overcome by the Spanish people in the year 1521. Mexico is the one of the most populated Spanish speaking nation across the world. The collaboration of resident background and several past societies provides Mexican heritage an excellent vivacity and has blessed the state with multiple significant social attractions that approximately 30 million visitors head to Mexico every year, which makes it the most visited country in the world.

1FRANCE83.7 million
2UNITED STATES74.8 million
3SPAIN65 million
4CHINA55.6 million
5ITALY48.6 million
6TURKEY39.8 million
7GERMANY33 million
8UNITED KINGDOM32.6 million

29.1 million