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Top 10 Popular and Expensive Jeans Brands In the World 2016

Jeans become one among most utilized and fashionable outfits specifically among-est youthful era who undoubtedly want to put on latest fashion and clothes that allowed assorted jeans designers to get their shares within the line.

Clearly, it’s about items that are thought to be maximum wearable material in existing duration since generations and various brands even 1000’s can be found in markets along with specific features as well as premium criteria to satisfy the desirable requirements of their users. Here is the list of 10 popular and expensive jeans brands in the world.

Top 10 Popular and Expensive Jeans Brands In the World 2016

Sr. No.Brand NameCost
1Secret Circus


$1.3 million
2Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim


3Levi Strauss & Co.501




5APO Jeans




7Dolce & Gabbana


8Roberto Cavalli Jeans


9Earnest Sewn Custom Fit


107 for all Mankind



1. Secret Circus

Expensive Jeans Brands

The brand is popular in all over the world as the expensive and luxurious brand worldwide. Their designs loved by most of the people because they always came up with unique designs and elegant styles. Excellent settings, one of their unique creation style by tremendous gemstones infiltrate in backside pockets of the unique excellent jean. This will raise the standard of the brand and makes it the world’s costly jeans brand. It is the band that comes with the expensive jeans that are priced at million bucks that community sector ever spotted.

2. Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim

Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim

Dussault Apparel that is a well-known label as being lavishness jeans has usually come with determined as well as tight-fitting shape. Newer jeans are generally fit and firm, and you’re going to have to use it multiple times for snap it in. Sooner or later, multiple time wearing as well as its washing takes its cost in a favorable means, and the jeans is going to physically fit you best and will eventually be like a 2nd skin. This highest standard unique Dussault Thrashed Denim is likewise favored due to its hand-crafted features that have to go by using phenomenal techniques. Preceding it stitched, the material is laundered over 13 times prior opting for dyes and later acquires colored to present an exceptional sophistication in the style of jeans. This means that, before getting to shop for it, the maker has outdated it beforehand.

3. Levi Strauss & Co.501

Levi Strauss & Co.501

It is the world’s 3rd most expensive and popular jeans brand. The jeans from this brand get better and better with the passage of time. A Japanese enthusiast purchased Levi’s jeans for $60000 in a public sale that backdate to the 1880s. The classic jeans sourced from the 501 collection due to which Levi’s is popular. The vintage jeans of Levi are exceptionally worthwhile. A pair of other outdated jeans, one of them was from the late 19th century and had been bought for $46 thousand and the second from the earlier 1900swas bought for $36 thousand correspondingly. Think about purchasing a couple of jeans for several bucks, putting it on for a century, and obtaining the maker repay you 1000 times later on. Now that is one particular package a lot of people would like to own.

4. Escada


The brand was initially presented in 1978 in the marketplace and the brand is basically American. This is the ideal brand that grants their clients in order to personalize the outlining of their item relating to their specifications. Commonly people include buttons based on their requirements along with diamonds besides. Additionally, it comes with an assorted variety of pale jeans since the brand is in advanced fashion interest also. They even make use of gemstones as well as expensive diamonds for their product and have them as look unique as well as valuable. The most high-priced item that this brand offers is cost around $10k that features Swarovski gem over it because they’re extremely cherished and high priced.

5. APO Jeans

APO Jeans

It is quite a popular label when it comes to deluxe jeans. What they are selling appears together with satin pockets and additional advanced using gemstones, gold and also expensive diamonds too and that’s the absolute most attractive concern relating to this brand name and their item can be utilized precisely likewise. Guaranteeing reliability and worth, a renowned jewelry expert will likely examine, evaluate as well as declare the jewels incorporated into the jeans. The brand absolutely makes sure that their every item are made out of top stuff and in addition they operate in custom made merchandise in accordance with the requirements as well as criteria for their clients that will be most appreciated by almost everyone. Likely the most extravagant products they offers which are manufactured using gold and expensive diamonds over it.

6. Gucci


Gucci is now considering the top brand as making the most expensive products. Gucci brand won the Guinness World record for presenting the high-priced products worldwide. The brand was initially launched in the year 1998. They always introduced unique and elegant designs and styles to their clients. The lowest cost range of their product is nearly $600 and the valuable and maximum priced jeans they offer is of $3,100. The brand manufactured a pair that has been dealt with in a way that it was broken down making it show up classic as well as outdated. It had been next embellished using plumage, fasteners, and African chaplets. The jeans were presented in the meanwhile of a fashion season which was held in 1998 in Milan.

7. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

The brand is providing their clients around the world by using the arena dependent innovation and elegance which unquestionably referred to as of great importance as well as magnificence. Just like the stuff the denim are selling D & G also manufacturing an assortment of jeans with the pale material. D & G provides several of overwhelming and exceptional assortment that frequently appears expensive however nothing as opposed to excellence and superiority. The brands are most known signature is the butterfly that they usually applied to their product. Their most valuable commodities are priced at nearly $1,200. They likewise have their unique company logo over the backside pocket to appear their items assorted as well as acknowledged besides.

8. Roberto Cavalli Jeans

Roberto Cavalli Jeans

The popular as well as the most recognized signature brand it is. The brand mentioned in the list are the makers but this brand is a popular designer. Their products are of high-priced but are popular worldwide for producing the most deluxe clothes and other commodities. The standard of this brand is high. To make their formal products look exception they also style them by using some precious stones. The maximum price for their valuable commodities is near $1,200. The brand is appreciated and used by many celebs, for example, Sarah Jessica Parker is seen wearing the brand and is counted as the highly bought brand in the world. The brand acquires their most acceptance amidst the ladies of every age group since their pants are usually enhanced by elite gemstones, that elements are basically appreciated through snappy ladies.

9. Earnest Sewn Custom Fit

Earnest Sewn Custom Fit

Earnest Sewn is yet another leading brand name in jeans outline which establishes themselves among top-notch luxurious brand along with their persuasive approach as well as traditions recognition. The band absolutely takes the bespoke jeans idea to a new level. The brand gets it start from New York and it is designed by Scott Morrison. The brand commodities are famous all around the world because they made them in the way that they will in proper fitting and style suit you. The manufacturer made the jeans according to their client’s needs and specifications. The manufacturer takes your exact as well as accurate dimensions, thus making sure that you’re going to get an ideal in shape when it’s accomplished.

10. 7 for all Mankind

7 for all Mankind

The brand was established by the Jerome Dahan and the Peter Koral, Michael Glasser and it was the first organization that to take high-quality denim to a level in 2000.  The main headquarters of this brand are in Los Angeles, California. The brand revealed with premium, revolutionary usage of materials, overwhelming in shape and also finalized product in denim astonish everybody. Initially, they designed their commodities only for the females but now their products are for everyone. The jeans of this brand are also known as the seven jeans. The brand turned out to be the most popular attire of Hollywood superstars even though many of designers and fashioners like to work for the greatest luxurious brand which makes it a worldwide brand with more than 100s retail stores.