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Top 11 Most Dangerous Dogs Regarding Number of Attacks and Deaths

Top 11 Most Dangerous Dogs Regarding Number of Attacks and Deaths

Certain breeds of dogs do have more possibility to bring damages to some sufferers than many other types and this refers to the key reason why we relate them to the threatening and dangerous dogs. Dependent regarding amount of mishaps brought on by assorted breeds of dogs within Canada as well as the United States, here is providing a list of 11 dogs that considered being as the most dangerous based on the number of deaths and attacks.

The following table is according to the number of deaths caused by breeds.

TypesPhysical damage


Child Targets


Adult Targets






 % of dog population


Wolf-Dog Hybrid857051949
Presa Canario11146411863.02%
German Shepherd113654115733.72%
Doberman Pinscher231298121.70%
Chow Chow613718840.01%
Alaskan Malamute1512265.08%
Great Danes371293191.08%

Top 11 Most Dangerous Dogs

1). Pitbull:


Weight: 95 lbs

Pitbulls are the most dangerous dog breed the number of attacks from Pitbull is more than any other dog. For anyone who is no less than slightly conscious of the culture of assault surrounding dogs well you understand how prevalent Pitbull’s are generally whenever deemed as hazardous dogs. There are the types of them such as American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldog American Pit Bull Terrier, and they are considered to be the most aggressive dogs worldwide. Along with nonsymmetrical sturdy teeth, a strong physique, as well as a record regarding assault makes it difficult to disaffiliate the breed out of the violence these are generally connected to. They are generally known as the fighting dogs as they are the cross breeds and in different parts of the world, they are utilized for the dog combating.

Facts about Pitbull:

  • Although these devoted pets adore people over whatsoever, however, an incorrect instruction can occasionally get them too violent. They could possibly assault people if they are not skilled the appropriate way. Generally, they will never hurt people.
  • Almost 86.8 percent of American Pit Bull Terriers have actually approved their tendency assessments.

2). Rottweiler:


Weight: 130 lbs

The breed specially belongs to Germany. Rottweiler is commonly popular for his violent and daunting attitude. They were initially bred for the purpose of supporting to get buggies of butchered meat all around stores generations back and also for guarding the cattle. Now we can see them serving in different sectors such as the police dogs for seeking purpose, guide dogs for the people who are blind and also as the rescue dogs. Now people are keeping them as their pets. The German formulated breed dog could be dangerous if a person abuses them, gives them an angry look and also the reckless control and behavior of owner, mistreatment, or perhaps insufficient socializing could also persuade its outrage. The misguidance of the owner could possibly transform them into threatening killing gadgets rather than caring defenders.

Facts about Rottweiler:

  • They widely identified as the working dogs.
  • They can live from 12 to 14 of years.
  • Commonly, Rottweilers are thought to be improper as a household pet.

3). German Shepherd:

German Shepherd

Weight: 100 lbs

German Shepherd is commonly well known for their loyalty and intelligence. Although, they can be hazardous if they will not get proper training. Their attacks are typically increasing in number due to which they are counted in the category of dangerous dogs. The dog is from Germany as it can be identified by its name. They considered as the bravest dogs in the world. They are generally used as the police dogs. German Shepherds are acknowledged with regards to their shape as well as by their impressive tone structure. German Shepherds are having a biting power of around 1,070 newtons that makes them immensely sturdy.

Facts about German shepherd:

  • Naturally, the German shepherd is partial to meal, enjoyment as well as family and friends.
  • Though German Shepherds are susceptible to experience various sorts of health problems, most frequent one is known as hip dysplasia that happens because of inferior breeding procedures.
  • German Shepherds demonstrate an enormous interest in discovering their nearby places.

4). Presa Canario (Bullmastiff):

Presa Canario

Weight: 130 lbs

Bullmastiff, Perro de Presa Canario or also called as Canary dog comes in the category of the most frightening appearing dogs you’ll discover. However, they are very protective of their owner and also loving and good companions but it all depends on the training they are given by their owner. If you are going to have them as your pet then at first consider about getting the good experience and guidelines of how to handle them in a right way. As like the Pitbull, they are also utilized in the dog fighting sport which is generally illegal. Their heavy muscular body, sharp teeth, and overall appearance make them look scary as well as powerful. It can harm his owner easily if they have a lack of experience and it can get extremely aggressive. There are a lot of reports of their attacks especially the case of a woman who were attacked in the San Francesco and was brutally got injured by 2 of these dogs.

Facts about Presa Canario:

  • They particularly attack for their own self- defense.
  • They are illegally used for fighting purpose in the dog fighting competitions.
  • The dog had been originally selectively bred for protecting livestock.

5). Wolf Dog Hybrid:

Wolf Dog Hybrid

Weight: 120 lbs

The Wolf Hybrid is also identified as the Wolf dog as it is a combination breed of gray wolf and dog. Wolf hybrid dogs are generally a combination of hereditary characteristics leading to lower foreseeable attitude activities in comparison to oftentimes the wolf or perhaps the dog. This dog can potentially get wrongly recognized as a wolf. Considering the intrinsic risk in reproducing an outrageous animal with a home-based one, these types of dogs in many cases are very capricious and also indeterminable, to the level that a lot of countries made this prohibited to have a wolf hybrid dog. During 1979 and 1998 in the US the Wolf hybrid dogs were responsible for killing 14 people.

Facts about Wolf Hybrid:

  • By proper training, they can become good friends.
  • When correctly tamed, these types of dogs can be quite faithful as well as devoted to their owners.

6). Husky:

Weight: 66 lbs

Husky is initially identified as a sled dog as they are fit as well as energized dogs. However, they appear extremely puffy and good but they have another dangerous side. According to a report in the past 20 years, there are around 15 people who got attacked and bring to death by this breed. The dog needs proper training and care as they are faithful to their owners. They were used to be well known as the working dogs and were not socially famous as they are now. They are normal in size and are called by different as the huskies that belong to Siberia are known as Siberian husky and in America, they are called Klee Kai and so in Japan, their names are Alaskan Husky, Sakhalin Husky, and Akita. Huskies, in fact, originated from the massively chilled as well as rough atmosphere belonging to the Siberian Arctic since its forerunner started from the Serbia.

Facts about Husky:

  • Inappropriate teaching, inferior socializing and also wrong societal encounters can change them into violent.
  • Their hair shredder is high so they can be inappropriate for the people who can be allergic to the hair of dogs and also for the people who are highly hygienic.

7). Akitas:


Weight: 130 lbs

Akitas are generally quite strong dogs. They are not much dangerous. They could be effortlessly handled with slight coaching. Akita is a Japanese breed. The Akita originates from the rugged and mountainous area regarding north Asia and it may be weighing up to 130 lbs. Akita tends to be clever as well as favorable whilst appropriately taught however they get a violent move if coached by an inexperienced proprietor. Akita is extremely regional and they need to be prepared as well as incorporated about how to deal with to be surrounding unknown people. However, Akitas are certainly not a good choice for the newbie holders.

Facts about Akitas:

  • Akitas are devoted as well as brave family friends.
  • When you do not teach and socially interact these dogs correctly, this tender though the daring dog can easily screw-up and also end up as quite possibly the most threatening breed of dog.
  • This breed of dog wouldn’t back up from obstacles in every circumstance and also cannot get scared quite commonly.

8). Chow Chow:

Chow Chow

Weight: 70 lbs

Chow Chow initially is associated with north China where it is popular as the fluffy lion dog. They can be in various colors which include cream color, bluish, red and also fawn. This dog possesses perceptiveness expertise towards unknown people and will get increasingly defensive regarding their owners. Although when considering its body shape obese could increase problems of the hip joint, therefore, anyone who has this specific breed of dog will need to take care and be attentive very well regarding their eating regimen. They are quite charming, adorable as well as devoted and look harmless and delicate but they can be very obstinate. They are of small size and the actual fact is they’ve minimal or perhaps no circumferential visualization, with violence and ferocity might assault anyone who appears to be a danger to them or even their owner.

Facts about Chow Chow:

  • It is the only breed of the dog that has purple tongue and lips.
  • When they become 1 year old they start acting like fully grown.
  • Chow chow considered being one of several oldest breeds of dogs. A few professionals think that these types of dogs had been the actual types being developed through wolves.

9). Doberman Pinscher:

Doberman Pinscher

Weight: From 60 to 90 lbs

They usually have a thicker, shiny short-haired coating and this could be red-colored, black colored, bluish or perhaps fawn in shade. The beginning regarding the Doberman starts back to Germany, wherein a person called Karl Louis Doberman is acknowledged by creating this particular breed. Doberman Pinscher had previously been employed being a police force dog although the training has since gone terminated on account of how violent they could be whenever coping with people they don’t know. Their head is usually narrow but they have powerful jaw and a sturdy body. These dogs could be taught as they are extremely smart as well as stay devoted and incredibly favorable with their owners.

Facts about Doberman Pinscher:

  • These dogs do their utmost when they’ve things to perform. They are able to see television, assist in your work and also abruptly will take a seat on your lap. Bear in mind, they might be totally hesitant with unknown people.
  • These smart breeds of dogs are usually called as Dogs having a human mind. Despite the fact that Doberman pinchers suffice you loyally, you’ll still need to teach them appropriately with all your authority. Otherwise, they presume they’re the rulers.

10). Alaskan Malamute:

Alaskan Malamute

Weight: 100 lbs

Alaskan malamute are well known for their aggressive nature which makes it the most dangerous dog in the world. If they are not trained well they can be extremely temperament and violent towards people and their master. They are somehow difficult to have as pets. They appear soft and fluffy and also have a muscular body. They are energetic and fun loving but it is important to utilize their and direct their energy in a right way. Although, their learning capacity is not so fast but they love running, cuddling, playing and to be taught. They are self-defensive and can be extremely dangerous and harmful towards unknown people if they sense any kind of danger.

Facts about Alaskan malamute:

  • Alaskan malamutes are one of the most powerful and also the most resistant of all of the breeds of dogs and they’re primarily utilized for traveling in areas in which the typical approaches to transportation are certainly not manageable.
  • Malamutes that are lacking workouts often misconduct and in some instances can change hazardous at the same time.
  • Along with well-acted children, these are amazingly friendly.

11). Great Danes:

Great Danes

Weight: 200 lbs

The Great Dane or also referred to as the Danish Hound and also German Mastiff is grew to become most reputable animal nowadays due to its particular bodily features, manners as well as physical functionality. This breed keeps the record for the tallest dog in the world its height was 44 inches but passed away when it turned out five in Sep 2014. It initially belongs to Germany and had been selectively bred in order to track down deer and also wild boar. The Germany structured Great Dane recognized because of its massive physique and additionally big height can possibly make a lot of people horrify with its one glance, however, if it senses somebody’s actions frightening it could assault severely.

Facts about Great Dane:

  • Great Danes increase quickly. In just a year, it would possibly expand to 6 ft taller.
  • These breeds of dogs hardly consume their meals.
  • House is a good place to keep them. Simply a walk for 30 minutes per day will keep these dogs healthy.