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Top Home Remedies For The Cure Of Bunions

Bunion is a bony and unnatural bump at the base of things which are already big and on the sides of the toe and it links to the foot. It creates at the time of the pressure of the body to be developed to persistent the weight and become uneven on the tendons and joints on the foot. It causes the joints to become big and remain stick to the toe.

“Bunions can be developed by anyone but in case of women, they are very much prone to the bone instead of men”

According to the experts, high heels and tight shoes have a strong contribution in developing the bony bumps.
There are few factors which are inherited to be your type of foot you have. Some foot deformities and foot injuries are from the time of birth. Few types of arthritis increase with the risk of bunions development.
Bunions occur at a point and it causes severe pain and minimizes the flexibility of big size toe.
There are few symptoms which include pain, redness in joints and irritation in skin around the bunions, calluses or corns, a shift in the big toe and blisters on the affected site. You can find shoes that fit on your foot properly.
Bunions get worse and become progressive with the passage of time. There are some natural treatments which help in the symptoms and they correct the deformity in actual. With severe discomfort, this surgery may need some correction to the problem.

Home Remedies For The Cure Of Bunions

Some of the top home remedies help in erasing the bunions symptoms

1)   Ice

Bunions become inflamed and sore after you get on your feet for long time. to get relief from inflammation and pain, this ice therapy is good. This cold temperature freezes the endings of nerve and provides you’re with relief of pain.
1.   Take a handful of crushed ice and put it in a thin towel. Then wrap it up.
2.   Place it on the areas which are affected for about 15 minutes.
3.   Give yourself a break for 10 minutes and repeat this process for 3 more times.
4.   Repeat this remedy simply.

2)    Massage

To massage the areas which are affected is a famous way of alleviation and to protect this problem. This method of therapeutic increases the circulation of blood to different areas and also gives relief to the general discomforts.
To do massage on regular basis minimizes the bunion size and the affected area becomes less susceptible to calluses and corns.
1.    Take warm olive or castor oil and coconut oil and apply it on the affected areas.
2.    Use your fingers as well to massage fro about at least 10 minutes.
3.    Repeat the procedure for 3 to 4 times on daily basis.
4.    Assistance can be sought through experienced massage and the therapists slow down the formation of                   bunion slowly.

3)    Foot Exercises

There are many cases which help in exercising the foot and reduce your pain to promote the flexibility of toe. It slows down the bunion progression and prevents the surgery need.
To do exercise on daily basis strengthens your feet and legs and protects you from developing bunions.

Exercise # 1


You are required to use a chair and sit on it and put your foot on the golf ball or tennis ball. These balls should be rolled on beneath the toes and it should be placed then at any place and the sole should be fit tight. Repeat this procedure for about 10 minutes on daily basis.

Exercise # 2

Sit on a chair and cup the affected foot in palm and then hold your fingers with your hand in the foot toes. This foot is to be bent in the upward and downward direction and this procedure should be repeated for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Exercise # 3

Get up and point your toes towards the straight position for about 10 seconds and then curl it fro at least 10 seconds. Repeat this procedure for about many times.
Some are the exercises which can be done at home and some are very much helpful for you as well and can be learnt from the expert.

4)    Epsom Salt

Because of the bunions caused due to arthritis, Epsom salt is a best remedy to get relief from pain. it contains magnesium in heavy content and it regulates the pH level of the body and is good for the pain and inflammation to fight with.
Epsom salt also takes good care of the calluses and corns which include the symptoms that are linked to the bunions.
1.    Put some of the water in the small tub.
2.    Take a handful of Epsom salt and put it in water and shake correctly.
3.    Soak this foot in the water which is cold.
4.    Make the foot dry and then dry it with coconut and olive oil.
5.    Repeat this procedure for about 3 times in every week.

5)    Turmeric

Home Remedies For The Cure Of Bunions

Turmeric is good to be treated for bunions as it is a good component for curcumin which blocks the ability of pain and reduces the inflammation. It is used as orally and topically.
1.    Make a paste of turmeric powder and add some olive oil in it. Apply this paste on the bunions and repeat this procedure for about 3 times every day.
2.    Take a tsp of turmeric in warm water and drink it at least twice on daily basis.
3.    Take 400 mg of curcumin capsule and take it for at least 3 times in a day and consult your doctor before you take any supplement.

6)    Chamomile

 Home Remedies For The Cure Of Bunions
Chamomile is an effective and a famous remedy for herbal which provides relief from the bunion. It contains inflammatory properties which reduces the inflammation and pain. It helps in the shrinking of bunions.
Some of the remedies can also be tried for its combination.
1.    Tae a cup of tea and brew it with chamomile tea and take a sip of it as well when it is warm. Take the used tea bag and put it on the bunion and repeat this treatment for few more times.
2.    Focus on the area which was affected and massage it with chamomile essential oil mixed in the carrier oil and do it every night before you go to your bed. It improves the toe alignment.
3.    Apply it with some kind of ointment which may contain chamomile so that inflammation and pain may be reduced.

7)    Calendula

Home Remedies For The Cure Of Bunions

It is an effective treatment of herbal which is treated through calendula and is called as marigold. It contains anti – inflammatory properties which reduces the inflammation and pain.
It protects the calluses and corns formation and applied on the areas which are affected.
1.    Crush some leaves of the calendula on your hand and extract its juice. Apply some juice over the area which is affected and let it dry. Repeat this procedure for about 3 times at least on daily basis.
2.    As an alternative, calendula ointment can be bought from any store and is applied on the areas which are affected for about 2 to 3 times on daily basis.

8)    Aspirin Foot Soak

Top Home Remedies For The Cure Of Bunions 02
Aspirin treats headaches and helps in the alleviation of the discomforts linked with the bunion. It reduces the pain from the areas which are inflamed. It also keeps the area of the skin soft and protects from calluses and corns.

1.    Mix at least 3 aspirins in a tub and fill it with warm water.
2.    Soak this affected are in the solution and let the water become cold.
3.    Keep your foot dry and massage it completely with the olive oil.
4.    Repeat the procedure for at least 2 times to minimize the pain.

Point To Be Noted
Take a test before you apply any remedy as this aspirin causes irritation on skin and also some allergies in these people.

9)    Proper Footwear

Top Home Remedies For The Cure Of Bunions 03

Reducing the chances to develop bunion which reduces the surgery requirement and if you have it then you need to pay attention to your footwear.
1.    Always use the footwear which has wide open front, soft soles and broad toes.
2.    Use the shoes with padded and insert in it the pressure to move your feet properly.
3.    If you are suffering from bunion then you need to look for the shoes that may comfort you and sandals should be of your own choice.
4.    Shoes are not good to be worn on and heels should be higher than at least 2 ¼ inches.
5.    You should not wear high heel shoes and to comfort them with your feet.
6.    Shoes should be according to your own choice.
7.    Never wear the shoes that discomfort you.
8.    With these shoes, do not wear the socks in fitting and remove your shoes while you give a break to your feet.

10)    Anti – Inflammatory Foods

Top Home Remedies For The Cure Of Bunions 04
Inflammation and pain can be reduced which are linked to the bunions and it is important to keep it under observation while you eat. There are many foods which have got anti – inflammatory properties and protect you from contribution to the body movement.
(i)    Some of the foods which are anti – inflammatory have sweet potatoes, walnuts, blueberries, strawberries, tart cherries, garlic, turmeric, ginger, salmon and olives. Take these foods on daily basis.
(ii)    These foods should be avoided which help in promotion of inflammation. These types of foods include refined grains, refined salt, corn oil, protein, eggs, sugar and meat.
In its addition, anti – inflammatory foods increases the intake of protein and also the foods which are rich in Vitamin A, B, E and Complex C.

Additional Tips

Top Home Remedies For The Cure Of Bunions 05

1.    The bunions are inflamed and present in it then it helps in keeping the foot in ekevated posture for at least 15 minutes and repeat it after every other 15 minutes.
2.    Acupuncture is good for the treatment of bunions symptoms.
3.    It is good to wash your feet and make the area filled in between the toes completely.
4.    While having the corns, it is good to plaster to get yourself away from it.
5.    Do ensure every child to have the footwear properly.
6.    Try the counter arch which supports to find relief from the issues facing.
7.    It depends on your doctor who prescribes the orthotic devices and guides to use them according to it.