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Top ten Eyewear Trends in 2017-2018

Wearing sunglasses throughout the year is essential and now trending. There isn’t any specific season in which you have to wear different type of eyewear. You have to buy a cool designer eyewear and can wear it throughout the year.
Though sunglasses protect our eyes from dust and sunrays it also enhances our look, either men or women. Wearing a right eyewear, increases elegancy in your look and make you a fashionista. Not fancy ones are always best.
If you are facing difficulty in buying a perfect sunglasses for this season, then following we have presented Top ten Eyewear Trends in 2017-2018. There we have listed designer’s sunglasses which will mostly be trended in coming seasons. Some trends are already voguish and some are new. So have a look below.

1. Geometric or Graphical Frames

Graphical Frames Eyewear Trends

Various frames in geometric and graphical shapes will be trended in coming year. They will be really catchy. Geometric forms will be available in triangle, round, oval or square forms. You just have to select a perfect form of geometric or graphical frame that will suit with your face shape and to your personality.

2. Aviator Sunglasses

Eyewear Trends

In whole list these are the most hottest and chic glasses that will be trended in coming years. Lenses used in these frames are of transparent colours while frames of these sunglasses are of very different colours that doesn’t match with lenses. These are so cool. That’s why added in list of Top ten Eyewear Trends in 2017-2018.

3. Cat-eye Sunglasses

Sunglasses Eyewear Trends

This retro inspired look is the fashion of 60’s and now trending from last 2 years. Most of you may remember them, and now people are loving this style of eye wears. Not only sunglasses but vision glasses are also available in cat-eye shape. It suits on almost all type of face shapes. If you wear this shape of sunglasses you will look a chic for sure. Various designers are presenting their cat-eye shaped glasses so you can choose one for you.

4. Oversized sunglasses

Eyewear Trends

Oversized eye wears are trending the most, always hottest trend oversized sunglasses are noteworthy. This year their trend will be continued. They cover a lot of your eye part and protect it, particularly when opaque. Oversized glasses are presented by various designers in different types, with transparent or coloured glass, fancy or elegant. This is one of best trend among Top ten Eyewear Trends in 2017-2018.

5. Bright colours

Eyewear Trends

Bright colours are always for youngsters, either guys or girls. If you are some old and want something fresh you may try this trend. With coloured shades these bright frames are very energetic. Bright colour sunglasses may formed in round, square or two shades. But not look elegant, they just look funky.

6. Dark shade Sunglasses

Sunglasses Eyewear Trends

If you have already bought some dark shaded sunglasses then don’t worry, you can wear them in coming year for sure. Even the dark shaded glasses are a hottest trend among all, that’s why added in list of Top ten Eyewear Trends in 2017-2018. Dark shades are always trended that’s why various popular designers are presenting their collection in these frames, moreover dark shaded glasses are offered in different styles. So you can select a favourite one matching your face.

7. Ombré Sunglasses

Eyewear Trends

In condition someone don’t like tom wear opaque sunglasses pairing dark shades, then here are presented a trend of Ombré sunglasses. This is not a new trend, it is an old one. In dark colour frames there are used some light glass. This trend is mostly followed by womenfolk who want to look a fashionista. Ombré sunglasses are offered in different colours and different shapes by various well-known brands.

8. Semi-transparent Sunglasses

Semi-transparent Sunglasses

If someone has an issue of sight then he/she can’t feel comfortable in opaque or Ombré sunglasses. So here we are telling you about a new trend. These semi-transparent glass used sunglasses are now very common these days. Blue, yellow or red type colours are used in its shades. Round, square or in other different forms they are offered by various brands. They look cool that’s why added in list of Top ten Eyewear Trends in 2017-2018.

9. Completely-transparent Sunglasses

Sunglasses Eyewear Trends

You very rarely saw a full transparent shade sunglasses. These actually look like vision glasses. But from last few years this style is fiercely trending worldwide, and will be continued in next year. Men mostly prefer this style but women not yet. But some young girls are trying this type of completely-transparent sunglasses and don’t look weird. With different coloured and styled frames these transparent sunglasses are available.

10. Creative Sunglasses

Sunglasses Eyewear Trends

The individual who wear sunglasses in his/her daily routine may get bore from all the above given trends, though some of them are very hot. For these fashionistas here we are announcing that in coming year they can wear any type of creativity. Some sunglasses are offered by popular brands which are ornamented with fabric, beads and stones; these types will be voguish in coming seasons. Some designers offer different shaped very big or small or round type frames, so don’t worry keep your style in change.