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Train collision in Pakistan killed 19 at least while injuring dozens

Train collision in Pakistan killed 19 at least while injuring dozens

A passenger train collided in the rear of a different train in Karachi southern port city of Pakistan on Thursday, taking life of 19 people as a minimum and wounding 50, stated by officials.

The collision occurred near the beginning morning hours while a train was standing next to the railway lines on a small platform of stopover on the border of the city, Nasir Nazeer, a spokesperson at the Karachi railway stated.

The man who was driving the 2nd train, who smashed into the 1st, probable overlooked the railway traffic sign and crash was caused by it, he stated. An inquiry is underway, Nazeer added up.

2 children and 3 women were in the middle of those passed away, Dr Seemi Jamali stated at Jinnah Hospital of Karachi, where the majority of the wounded were quickly taken. She stated that among the wounded, 5 were in serious state and were going through surgery for head wounds.

At the crash scene, ruins of broken and twisted coaches, a lot of them fell over on the sides; the scene was on a big area, as rescue workers and police were checking the place, looking for more sufferers of the collision.

Mukhtar Shah a police official stated there were suspicions of a more deaths toll as still bodies were entrapped in a few of the railway cars.

“We were hearing weeping, people screaming for help from the ruin,” Shah stated.

Relatives were anxiously looking for their people at the hospital, several crying. “I cannot locate my husband,” a woman stated on a local TV channel live video from hospital.

Pakistan rail infrastructure is among the worst of the world, and has frequently witnessed critical accidents.

Saad Rafique, the Railways Minister of Pakistan ordered an investigation, and Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister presented condolences and ordered the authorities to offer the families of victims with possible assistance.