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Trump calls Nawaz a “Terrific Guy” as they talk on call.


Historical associates in region, Washington and Islamabad have observed sour relations in current years because of U.S. allegations.

PM office of Sharif stated on Wednesday that Pakistani leader called to congratulate Trump on his triumph and publicized the call. Team of Trump verified that they both talked and declared a short statement.

“President-elect Trump stated Nawaz Sharif you contain a super reputation. You are a ‘terrific guy’. You are performing astonishing work which is observable in every way,” statement publicized by office of Sharif.

“I am willing and ready to take part every role that you desire me to play to speak to and discover solutions to the exceptional problems. It will be an honor and I will do it myself.”

The PM’s office did not provided the details on the type of problems Trump presented to solve. The report moreover did not elucidate why precisely Trump was overwhelmed with Sharif.

Detailing about the talk, office of Sharif added up that Trump said to the Pakistani leader that he can call him any time earlier than he joins office on 20th of January.

“As I am speaking to you PM, I feel as I am speaking to someone I have recognized for long,” the declaration added up, rephrasing Trump’s remarks.

Sharif’s office frequently makes public read outs of his talks by means of overseas leaders but they are infrequently so full of admiring for the premier of Pakistan, particularly in calls with leaders of West.

Trump is invited by Sharif to come to Pakistan, in accordance with the statement, he agreed.

“Mr. Trump stated that he would adore coming to an extraordinary country, fantastic country of fantastic people. Please express to the Pakistani citizens that they are remarkable and all Pakistanis I am familiar with are extraordinary people,” the statement read.