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Trump’s joke made the entire world cry.

Trump’s joke made the entire world cry.

At the time when Trump was announced winner of US election for president on 8th of Nov, a Bee Gees song of 1968 came in my head: “I started a joke, which started the whole world crying.”

Well, it can be judged from widespread protests in US and global anxiety produced by Trump’s presidential success, my speculation is that whole lot of citizens of world were not only crying, but sobbing out their eyes.

With good motive, particularly with together Senate and the House moreover organized by Republicans, plus the governorships and judiciary. It was not anything short of a huge roll to conservatism.

The US constantly swings, but not at all to this extreme. It was in addition a “whitelash”: The vivid ethnic development in America has unavoidably been pursued by a white criticism.

How such a revolting, odious, reactionary, despicable person similar to Donald Trump could engage the White House is similar to containing a bit of turd set on silver plate and giving it to every world leader at a state feast.

So how Trump won? His Rusty Belt and badly cultured victories are fraction of this story, but he not only win by means of just them. He was in fact well at the back. He won for the reason that a lot of Republicans at long last went to his home; even subsequent to they did not accepted him for the bawdy video of sex-talk, in addition to other dreadful gaffs.

Is that politics for you? No morality, just continuous tumbling opportunism.

There was in addition the reality that Hillary Rodham Clinton was an extremely a flawed contender and so indebted to corporate America and Clinton Foundation, even to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Not comprising the FBI as her sounding board did not also help.