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Turkey blast: 11 Killed In Police CheckPoint Explosion

11 Killed In Police CheckPoint Explosion

Turkey explosion was on the Syrian border. This explosion took place at the checkpoint of Cizre in Turkey on Friday and 11 officers of police were killed with it and almost 70 were wounded badly. The semiofficial Anadolu of country was according to the report of new agency.

The ones who were injured in which four of them were in a very crucial condition which was in the province of southeast in Sirnak Turkey with the Ministry of Health and was a recap of Recep Akdag on the Turk of CNN.

Claim of responsibility for this attack was not done. The government of Sirnak was told by the Anadolu about their blame to the PKK. It was a militant of Kurdish group who led the group of terror to be labeled at the community which was international and it was the bomb of the car which was detonated at the checkpoint of police.

The blast took place after the two days of Turkish Tanks which entered northern Syria which also helped Syrian rebels and cleared ISIS from the town of border.

Suicide bombing at the head quarter of police in Kurdish at southeast was killed by 11 people and dozen were wounded on Friday. After the launch of Turkey, Kurdish and Islamic State was incursion against the fighters of military in Syria.

According to the Prime Minister “Binali Yildirim”, the party of Kurdish was waged with the three party decades and the insurgence of autonomy of Kurdish. Sirnak province was responsible for the attack in Iraq and Syria.

The governor’s office was responsible for killing 78 people and among them three civilians was dead. An immediate claim was not responsible.

The town with bombing in Cizre was a latest series of attack with PKK and it was responsible for the military coup which was failed in July 15.

About 1, 700 million personnel were removed from the alleged role and it included about 40 percent general and admirals who raised the NATO member’s ability of protection. The battle was against Syria and the Kurdish Militants.

At a conference in Istanbul, this state of PKK and the Syrian Kurdish was attacked by the people and took an advantage of the coup attempt of mouth.

The fight is intense at the organization of terrorist and the Islamic state then seized this attempt of coup on July 15 as per the report of Kurtulmus.

The plumes of smoke were blasted from the site in Cizre and the Turk of CNN showed a broadcast of the ambulances in dozen and the two helicopters sent for the scene.

The broadcast of NTV private channel and the reduction of buildings with the shell at its concrete were without windows and walls and the grey rubble was in its surrounding.