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Turkey Blast “bombs are not for kids”


Turkey wedding suicide bomber

A suicide bomb of Turkey took place a few hours ago and it killed almost 51 people in Gaziantep and it took place with about 12 to 14 year old kids. It was said by “President RecepTayyip Erdogan”.

According to Mr. Erdogan who is from so called Islamic State and it took place with the attack and was targeted with the wedding party of Kurdish. Gaziantep is near the border of Syria which is famous for several cells of IS.

According to Mr. Erdogan,

“This bomb made 69 people wounded which includes 17 more with serious condition”

This suicide bomber targets the guests at wedding when they dance in the streets.

The Seref of Isler in BBC is from Gaziantep and it was about the city which was about 1.5 million and was on the edge as the Syrian events were battling with the Kurdish Syrian forces. The bomber of suicide faced linked with policemen in May in Gaziantep.

The target choice was designed for the effect which was very high and these moments were enjoyed with the celebration at the party of wedding. This act was an example of the revenge. Due to the conflict of Syria, rebels of Turkish backed rebels are prepared to offense the IS Jarablus province. They are granted to be safe from the passage which is across the border of Turkey. The attack may be a shot of warning by the IS.

Turkey wedding suicide bomber

According to the written statement of local media which was published in the Turkish local media and the argument of Mr. Erdogan stated that

“There is no difference in the US followers and PKK of Kurdish militants which were based in the Fethullah Gulen and they also blame attempt of coup in the last month.

In the nation and country there are only attacks which are successful with the attack as per your success. This bomb is popular for the students and also it has very large community of Kurdish.

According to the local MP Mahmut Togrul and it was told about the Reuters news agency which was worked with the wedding of Kurdish.

The party of Togrul was the pro – Kurdish people’s party of democracy and this wedding was always being a part of the members of the society.

According to the Turkish Dogan’s agency of news, his couple was moved to the town of Kurdish from Gaziatep and also they faced the rebels of Turkish and escaped from the fight in between the security forces and rebels of Kurdish.

According to the reports of media, they said about the married couples who were surviving with the hospital people.

On the morning of Sunday, the garage of smashing windows and doors were seen from the outside and they had a blast of reports of Reuters.

turkey blast

The celebrations were coming from the end and then there had an explosion in the people who were dancing and it was said by the Veli Can of 25.

The blood and body parts were spread everywhere and it was the attack of United States who condemned this attack and it was called a barbaric act.

The price of NED and the spokesperson of US in the National Security Council talked about the attack and it was the attack from Turkey and they defended their act of terrorism and then on Saturday, the government of Turkey took more actions and played an active role with the efforts and the Syrian war.