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Turkey’s Erdogan Blasts Foreign Countries over Coup Reaction

Turkey’s Erdogan Blasts Foreign Countries over Coup Reaction

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan again blasted against the countries without naming them and said, the attempt of the coup made on 15 July which left more than 270 people died across the country. He added that the west is supporting and working on the terrorism and taking the sides of the unsuccessful coups.

Erdogan blasted the Germany for the criticism at the current situation in the Turkey at speaking to foreign investor in Ankara. The German court ruled against him and allowing him to appear to address his followers on the video link about 30,000 supporters and the anti-coup demonstrator’s fragrance over the weekend. Erdogan also said that Turkey has sent 4,000 files to Germany on what he said were terrorists but Germany take no actions and the courts decided against him quickly without listening him.

Erdogan also draw a complain as the no foreign leader visited the Turkey after the unsuccessful coup while the Belgium and France receives the government head’s visit in the solidarity after the terrorist attacks. He added that those we consider as the friends are now stands with the terrorists and coup- plotters.

The Turkish government said the coup was instigated by the Muslims based United Stated Fethullah Gulen who was the former Erdogan ally and has been living in the self-imposed deport in the Pennsylvania. We as the responsible state demanding he extradition but the White House has asked for his involvement evidence in the coup and saying that the exile process must take in the course.

The Turkish President also complained about for asking for the evidence as we did not require any further documents for the terrorists that you wanted in the return. The Turkish government has already launched the sweeping crackdown on the Gulen’s institutes and movement and character it as the terrorist organisation which runs charities, schools and business internationally.