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Turkish Leader Ignores US On Syrian Offensive


The president of Turkey has a word with his country about the military operations press in Syria excluding the “deep concern” expression of US.

Tayyip Erdogan is a recep who vowed the offense and will continue till the group of Islamic State and the fighters of Kurdish Syrian posed a no longer threat for Turkey.

The president of US Barack Obama met him very next Sunday in China on summit of G20 with a sideline.

The border of Turkey was offensively crossed last week with the warplanes, artillery and tanks backing in Syria rebels where a town of Jarablus was captured from the state of Islam.

A group of monitoring contained 41 people where Turkish airstrikes were killed on Sunday. Civilian casualties were denied by Turkey.

The operation of Jarablus reflected about the determination of their operation, according to Mr. Erdogan declared on Monday.

The operations continue in the organizations of terror like Daesh which is an Islamic State, YPG, threats for the citizens was ceased, Syrian army and PKK.

With the launch of campaign, the leaders of Turkey aimed to terrorist target of Kurdish and Islamic State militia domination.

The fighters of Kurdish captured with the border of Syria alongside Turkey. The incursion of Turkish prevented the Kurdish gains.

YPG militia saw Turkey saw the Kurdish Worker’s Party as an extension with Kurdish YPG.

Turkey is an important member of NATO with US. The fighters of Kurdish attacked with the major part of US and fought against IS. It led to the forces of Syrian Democracy.

The concern of US shifted about the Islamic State. Objection of fight between opposition and Turkey groups in Syria north.

Special presidential envied by Brett McGurk for the counter coalition with IS, declared about clear clashes were in ISIL and was not located in it. All this proved to be a source of deep concern and unacceptable.

Sam Kiley: Events In Syria Spiraling Out Of US Control

Brief quoting with the defense department was a call to the actors with armed with standing down. Facilitation of actively engaged US with DE confliction and the ISIL with the focus on unity.

The statement of US showed about the Sky’s Foreign Editor Sam Kiley and the unease was considerable. Considerable anger was focused with the operations of Turkey. The Americans were close to the allies of Kurdish.